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Fiverr "are about to launch something really special" in 2019


What do you think it will be, something to do with on-demand content, apparently, beyond that Buyers can already click and buy a service right away, even 24-hour services, any idea?

Quote from Fiverr’s latest blog:

In relation to on-demand content, Arnon adds: “We are about to launch something really special, and the channels we will use and the content we will create are based on the insight that content is consumed on demand today. Stay tuned, because 2019 is going to be very interesting here on Fiverr!”

To an interesting :two: :zero: :one: :nine: !


It sounds like youtube with the channels and on demand content.


Could be but they do have a YouTube channel already, of course - will they use it in a different way? Become more interactive? Is it mainly about them interacting with (potential) customers, or are they working on a more direct way communication between buyers and sellers? Some time ago, there had been mentioning of some kind of “internal sky pe”, for instance. Or is it some really new and innovative idea … I am curious in any case and looking forward to reading wild speculations, whoever guesses right, wins a slice of virtual cake: :birthday:. That is, if they will remember to come back to get it. :wink:


It sounds a bit like “we’re going to sell advertising distributed on a bunch of platforms”.


Sounds really cool, hope to bring in more of that cashflow in 2019 :sunglasses:


As long as they are putting new ideas to bring more buyers to the platform, that’s good to us!


really cool -i don’t have any idea but it will be helpful for the sellers to get the more and more sell


I’m super nervous. Everything sounds awesome and rosy but at the same time, especially with the information within the blog, I’m starting to see a repeat of what was released during 2018 to date. I’m open to whatever additions they have planned as long as care is taken with what is implemented.

Just hoping it’s nothing to do with subscriptions of any kind (where buyer subscribes to services for a flat rate thus resulting in less pay to sellers) along with nothing related to things that aren’t relevant to services we offer. Let’s hope that whatever it is that its purpose is communicated clearly with all details laid out in plain terms.


Really??? Anxiously waiting for 2019 … Am curious about fiverr :grin:


Is this a veiled announcement that they might fix things? :))


Not everything they updated in 2018 was great, but for all the bad there was plenty of good. Plus, between reviews, levels, and more, they’re clearly listening to the mass of sellers and incorporating our feedback (even if it’s not exactly what we ask for) to make something that works.


Subscriptions is an interesting thought. I can see that working for some things.


It sounds like they are going to make the buying and selling of on-demand content for different platforms easier (mobile devices, pcs, social media/Instagram/youtube). So it might be a bit like the buyer request section but made much easier for on-demand content for Instagram/youtube type content.

eg. easier ways of getting on demand content (eg. images/video/audio) created and maybe uploading it to sites like Instagram (eg. images/Instagram stories)/youtube.

Maybe they could have their own site which is like Instagram/youtube.


Maybe the bit that says:

At Fiverr, we understand how strong visual content and video are. That’s why we are investing a lot of effort into showcasing the amazing, inspiring creative talent we have on the platform by showing their deliveries and demonstrating their skills.

is talking about an updated version of Fiverrr Discover (and/or the “live portfolio”) to showcase seller generated content/deliveries, including video and allow them to be “liked” on the site/other sites and maybe searched etc. Maybe they’ll also increase the resolution of video on the site to showcase it better.


Yes, I thought they meant the portfolio and gig page with that and might work on a way to make it available directly out of social media platforms.

Or perhaps set up something that features only, for example, gigs you can order without having to give more input than a text or logo for semi-premade products, or only 24-hour gigs or even gigs with shorter/almost immediate turnaround (which would need “office hours” the seller could set if it can’t be automated).

Another possibility, similar/linked to subscriptions could be that you could buy the time of a seller who is marked as online and available right now for n hours, though the “available now” beta seems to not have been very successful as it didn’t get finally rolled out, after all. Maybe they want to try that out with an altered concept, though.


I think Fiverr will be going public in 2019. I want to get my hands on some of those shares.


That too, but I don’t think that’s what they mean with on-demand. :wink:


Maybe they got their own Netflix show deal.

Hear me out:

Like Netflix is signing original content left and right.

What if Fiverr bought a spot just to create a show/tv series type content that was created by Fiverr freelancers (editing, music, titles, coloring, etc)

They would market the crap out of that!

So that would be wild.

But in most likelihood they are investing in Instagram content and IG TV videos or live streams of sone sort.


Fiverrflixx :thinking:. Instagram sounds more probable, agreed, but if it’s Netflix, that speculation wins the whole cake. Insta will only get you one slice. :wink:


Probably, they are going to have a platform where all the contents (videos) submitted/delivered by sellers will accumulate at one place and later they will transform this platform into a youtube like website owned by Fiverr.