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Fiverr are thieves [Solved]

After I made this purchase of 115$ I checked my bank account transactions and I found that I was charged three times in a row with 1108.06MAD from FIVERR.COM so the total is 3324.18MAD also with another 67.18MAD. The thing is I paid for no gig that costs 1108.06MAD plus when I checked my orders there were no gigs with this price And I paid for 3 gigs that cost 7$ yet I got charged with it 4 times. And when I sent a complaint to their help center guess what? They marked my problem as solved with no answer.
Be careful FIVERR are thieves


Well, with the banking payment system errors can’t be ruled out due to some glitches in the payment platform.

But from the look of things it might be that 1. Exchange rate played a key role here that is the MAD vs US Dollar and 2. Fiverr charges buyer and seller processing or commission from both ends.

So, I think the above played a role in what might have happened. Just try and contact CS again for proper response. I hope they give you good response this time around.

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I won’t say this as it might glitches with the issuing bank. Try to understand things from FIVERR POV but because a ticket was marked as solved should give room for this insulting comments.

Try contacting your bank to see what they have to say from their ends before you finally judge.

Just my opinion though.

Thanks and have a great day

The gig I paid for was 115$ and the total I got charged with is 483$

I contacted my bank they said that it is FIVEER who took the money

check with the seller if the order wasn’t placed three-time from what you said now

I did and it was placed Once

that’s bug then… try reopening the ticket once again. I’m sure, support will have it fixed

Contact the CS again and explain them your issue. Perhaps it will be a good idea to attach some proof images when you contact them.

I sent them all the proofs

I sent the complaint thrice

They will mark it as spam. Send it once or contact them on their twitter handle.


Alright thank you!!!

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Be patient. They are extremely swamped right now.

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Guys I contacted them and they gave me the money back


You might want to update the first post and the title, to reflect that the problem is solved and that you got your money back.


I tried but it is not possible plus why would they mistakenly charge me with 358$ at first place I paid for a gig that costs 110$ why would they charge me with an extra 358$ by mistake and I got no answer from them till the 8th day to the point that I lost hope and was like fine let’s just forget about those stollen money there’s no way to have them back.
they need to fix their shit.

I neither could delete it nor edit it

It was a bug. Glitches can happen on any site.

Topics can’t be deleted (only moderators can do it), but users are usually able to edit their own posts and topic titles.

I’ve sent a message to mods, maybe they’ll edit it.