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Fiverr Artists Talks About Art & Design (Polls)

Okay, I want to bring up a little fun creative poll to discuss with another fellow artists, sharing about their skills and what software the artist use for creating artwork. And why do we as an artists create art for? Is your art part of your stories, expression or just personal creative expression?

And what is your subject of creating in art?

  • People Portrait Painting
  • People Portrait Drawing
  • Anime/Manga
  • Concept Art
  • Illustration
  • Animals Art
  • Surrealism Art
  • Retro/Vintage Art
  • Dog and Cat Portrait
  • Fantasy and Sci-fi Art
  • Dark Art
  • Surrealistic
  • Nature
  • Fan Art
  • Game Art
  • Environment, Landscape or Scenery Art

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What software are you using for creating art?

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • ArtRage 6
  • Corel Painter 2021
  • Affinity Designer
  • Rebelle 4
  • Procreate
  • Clip Studio Paint Pro
  • Artweaver 7
  • Krita
  • TwistedBrush Pro Studio
  • MediBang Paint Pro
  • Black Ink
  • Paintstorm Studio

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Tell us why do you use such these digital art software than other program to create art, and what kind of tablet drawing tools do you use for drawing and painting?

  • Cintiq 13HD
  • Cintiq 16
  • Cintiq 22HD
  • Cintiq 32 Pro
  • Bamboo
  • Wacom Intuos Bluetooth
  • Huion
  • XP-PEN

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I have met one of the client outside of Fiverr 2 years before joined the platform. And she commission me to paint a portrait art of her favorite singer. She then told me this, “Please do not create a character art with 3D, because they look fake.” I get it, I understand some people doesn’t want to commission the 3D artists to create their character with Zbrush, but she doesn’t give me a reason why she didn’t like 3D art such Zbrush and Blender after all. I don’t know why she hated it.

Even though Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator had come into my life as a digital artist career for 2 decades after high school graduated. When I first created illustrations artwork for book cover for the first time during college years when I was first commission in 2001 by a client who working as a journalist for newspaper. The job was little bit scary to me for the first time, because I never work in the newspaper office as a designer back then. I didn’t know what to expect my client requested to have my art in his book. Although, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the only digital art software I create art for many different reasons other than many other digital art programs I ever used back in the early 2000s until 2021 today.

Now I understand there are many buyers out there outside of Fiverr has many different kind of tasted in art. Like music. Some clients/buyers doesn’t like digital art. Some do. Depend on how great art was created. The buyers will buy to collect all different kind of art in their collection. Now a days, I’m surprised digital art are now included in the gallery as well. Although I do get many clients paid me to create the traditional art style in Adobe Photoshop way before I came on Fiverr to share my work and create whatever work I can offer to the buyers on the platform. The client loved how the artwork turned out doesn’t too much digital. Of course, Adobe Photoshop allowed me to create traditional drawing and oil painting style with many different tools (thanks to Wacom for the Cintiq 13HD). Without Cintiq 13HD, I wouldn’t be able to create such beautiful art for my clients (outside of Fiverr) 2 years before I joined the platform.


Any graphic designers are welcome to vote on the polls what software and tool you’re using for creating digital art in your gig on Fiverr.

Please leave it blank on the second poll if you did not own a drawing tablet.

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And if we’re not primarily a digital graphics designer? I’m a paper-and-pencil artist. My main tools are a sketchpad, a mechanical pencil, a gummy eraser, and a nice ruler set.


Of course, graphic designer are artists too! Sorry for forgot to list on here. I should have list paper, pencil, color pencils, crayon, watercolors and oil painter in the poll as well. Sorry for forgot to list on here. Thank for bringing this to my attention, imagination7413!

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I’m not sure how to choose :see_no_evil: artist is an artist, I do whatever fits my mood: digital, watercolours, oil, acrylic, ink, gold leaf, crafting, calligraphy etc


That’s nice mariashtelle1. Watercolors used to be my main tool I used to creates a lot of fruits painting back then in 1998, and sold it to the restaurant owner when I was 15.

I’ll make sure to list oil paint, acrylic, and all traditional type of art tools in the poll next time in the future, probably next year.

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Ok let’s talk about art. I have been using huion kamvas 16 pro even tough it’s not bad you can feel the bit of delay and feelings doesn’t really compare to pencil and paper, so lately I have been using Ipad. It’s almost better than any cintiq you can find. Only if there wasn’t layer limits on procreate or photoshop.
I offer paint your character kind of gig. Made pixel art, weird characters, creatures, corporate art etc… It has been fun so far. Clients kind of expects like disney quality art from us for like two hour minimum salary ? Since I want to grow my skills and maybe few extra dollars for that I have been spending many hours on every job. For long term I think I should double the price. Everyone should too.
I hate tracing so there have been many people tracing portraits or using app. So I give up on any portrait related gigs. I can’t compete with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never try Huion but I heard of it. I always thought Huion tablet response quicker when press the stylus pen against the screen and draw a lines. I can’t compare the tablet to Cintiq though. However, I have been thinking of getting an iPad for Adobe Photoshop app painting since I was paying Adobe Creative Cloud $19 monthly for about 3 years now, and I gotta say the latest Adobe CC 2021 is update is quite disappointed due to the bugs issues.

One of the main reason I switched from oil and watercolors painting to digital painting with computer, because I’m curious how digital painting work, even though I don’t know much about tech or computer stuff really. I bought my first computer because I wanted to create faster and save time, since oil painting and watercolors take quite sometime to dry. So I didn’t have to put on somewhere to keep them dry, before I can ship out for auction at the gallery.

I’ve seen a lot of people doing tracing drawing of portrait, especially; celebrity portrait which turned me off. It’s boring because it just tracing and look exact from photo, except black and white for quick cash. But I have no problem with people who tracing their own drawing sketch drawing in Photoshop, as long as they’re not tracing other artist’s work and pass as their own, like people using many artists’ great art on the gig for example work.


If you ever want to upgrade cintiq13hd for better contrast, pen pressure you should try Huion Kamvas Pro editions. They are cheaper than iPad but for a price, you will get a beautiful laminated display (Minimal parallax) with 8k pen pressure and good contrast and brightness ratio. Still can’t compare to Ipad’s portability, battery, and that beautiful pencil feeling.

So where and how did you guys learn your design and art skills ?

My journey so far → studying IT at uni → wanted to make design for my web → went full-time graphic designer-> illustrating here and there
Learned the fundamentals from old “conceptart org” when I decided to pursue art. Been really helpful.

How to become better artist ?

Personally, I think artists spend more time studying than doctors. Someone could get a higher paying job and better opportunity just after studying IT for 2 years if they want. But for an artist, there is a never-ending struggle (financially, imposter syndrome, etc). We have to rewire our brain to think, see like an artist and even after learning fundamentals, there is something vague gap between a good artist and a bad artist. That only many years of experience can overcome.


Thanks for sharing your story as an artist, gongor32! I have been drawing since 1987 as a child at 7 when I first pick up the paintbrush, and started painting snow tree as I pretended I’m there with Bob Ross! He’s my favorite painter and I watched his show “Joy of the Painting” every times on, I sit back and watch. His show bring joys to me so much all those years until his passed.

True. After 2 years of battle with loneliness and depression during high school at the age of 16. I spend hours and hours staying after school working on oil painting on the portrait on canvas. My high school teacher decided to sign me up for an art gallery contest, that when I first give a try with the early Adobe Illustrator. That’s why I paint and create art expression. Creativity. Share my anger through art, and it helps me forget myself of being bitterness. Art has helped me overcome with my past. I always feel like I’m useless than any other just because they have being studying doctor, and earn doctor degree. Science, etc. You name it.

Creating is my only way of escape from reality and dealing with loneliness. Because it bring a lot of joys of being creative in my works and sharing with others my artwork.

I used to wanted to study ITT Tech when I was qualify for university of science, unfortunately, my closed friend and my parents asked me not think about going to ITT Tech because they couldn’t afford for the school at that time (in 2001). So I decided to stick with art instead, and spend more times drawing though.

I heard of conceptart org, but I never bother going there. Character design concept art and environment are my strongest part in art, which I love to create characters the most on Artstation and DeviantArt. Glad someone recommended me about Fiverr, so I decided to give a try and joined here the platform, and found my way to the forum to read about how Fiverr work! And I’m still learning to navigate Fiverr tools.

Oil painting is in fact take years to complete. Take Leonardo da Vinci for example. His portrait painting of the famous Mona Lisa took him 3 years to completed!



You should have added Ipad. Since you have procreate on the list of softwares.

Anyway for my story with the art; (For TLDR, go to last two paragraphs)

I have allways been drawing since my early childhood years. Of course it was pencils and papers at that time. And troughout years i realised i had this huge tendency and urge to draw all the time. I had the most fun, and i was good about it. So i started getting more technical, maybe this could be a life changing choice and would grant me a life other than being just fun and relaxing hobby.

It didnt grant me a life, yet. But i have became an architect thanks to the talent. Got over with the university easily, while others struggled with drawing and design classes. And university helped me realise not only drawing, but i got some ideas about design too. (of course there are better people around me. This is not a flex, just my story)

At 2013, first thing i bought with my salary at the age of 22, was a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Boy that was an expensive tablet. But it worths every coin. I was already spending hours drawing, why wouldnt i digitilase and open new dimensions?

I have spent hours and hours on that thing. It is a great feeling. Seeing that i can do much more with the tablet and the softwares. But i still got to learn a lot more. So i started looking for teachers, but i was already an architect and was using a tablet, drawing tablets were not that common that time. Not everybody had it. The people i have contacted, were intimidated to be honest. So i ended up not finding a teacher.

2 years ago, i have decided to make it more than a hobby. But i knew i wasnt enough, nobody would pay a single dime to my drawings. And my wacom was old, still working, but you know, not in its prime. Now that i was 29 years old, i wasnt just someone who draws when bored, i learned about stuff, learned that you can find online courses at very affordable prices. So i bought an Ipad.(boy, that thing worths 3xof my salary) And started drawing. Ipad was even better than the cintiq, and i could sell my computer to make it easier for me to buy it. Since i didint need the PC for drawing with ipad. So i did sell my computer, bought the ipad and started those courses.

And after a short time, i joined here on fiverr to make this long learning process to carry me to an easier life. I had enough of the architecture, it wasnt what it seemed. I was(and still) working 6-7 days a week on construction sites. Freezing at winter, burning at summer, low salary (yes, economy is bad i did gain 2xminimum wage most of my career, which was better than most of my architect friends)

To be honest, i think i raised quickly to the level 2. At least to me, it was quick. And i make a good amount (not enough to depend on it alone for now) but its a fair amount. And another upside is a make money with drawing monsters and skeletons killing each other, it doesnt feel like a job even. I am still an architect, after my dayjob i go to home, get my tablet on my lap. And start doing what i allways loved to do, and now i can even make money out of it. Amazing!

So why do i create art?
I created art because i was having fun. Now i still do it not only because of fun, but also i has the potential of granting me another future.

I created art because i was good at it. Now i create it is an escape for me. A physically, mentally and economcly escape from my somewhat mediocre life and problems. I get relaxed, i get satisfied after a good piece came together, i get fulfilled when i am known because of my art. And i get happier as i get better at it.

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Thank you so much for sharing with us your story as an artist, ozan_erdi! Yes, I forgot to add iPad on the list. It’s a shame that I cannot edit to add the traditional art tools along with iPad on the list.

I totally agreed with you on the expensive Wacom Cintiq 13HD, when I first bought mine direct from Wacom America website back in April 2013 (I don’t know how old my tablet is). Although I’m saving for the Wacom Cintiq 24HD once I earns on DeviantArt with art. To be honest, most of my fellow artists stayed on Artstation, and some staying on DeviantArt because they felt they make more money than on Fiverr. They heard of Fiverr, but never join the platform or having an account on their own. I tried try to asked them to join me on Fiverr, but they turned down because they heard about how little you make the dollars on Fiverr than how you make on DeviantArt.

As for DeviantArt for example:

  • You can sell many copies of concept art in trading card style just for $2.99, even thought most followers on DeviantArt couldn’t stop buying and downloading. That’s why artists on DeviantArt earn more than most did on Fiverr.
  • The artist can set their own price rate as high as they want up to $500. Even the clients doesn’t care how expensive as long as they would pay for that price to get the piece of artwork for their music, film, etc.
  • Clients post a lot of stuff on the forums searching for artist they willing to pay $200 for the art piece. At that time, I never heard of revision as Fiverr use this in the gig: Unlimited Revision or so on. That’s where I made $500 on DeviantArt for designing a shoes concept artwork for a clients back in 2017 before a friend told me about Fiverr. Even clients on DeviantArt and Artstation are most likely coming from the game and film company. Crazy right? Well, I’m not sure about 2021 since the coronavirus killed many jobs and people are losing. I hardly see clients posting jobs on the forum at DeviantArt, not like it used to be back in the 2015.

Artstation is different. Because the company itself is now teaming up with Epic Game (owned by Unreal Engine 4). So most artists on Artstation are hired by AAA Game company such as Ubisoft Game, EA Games, Rockstar Games, Naughty Dog Games, Activision Games, BioWare, you names it. Not even single one of the artists I know from Artstation land their career on Fiverr.

Working 7 days a week is not worth for sure. Are you still not able to do fiverr full time yet ? I think It’s possible to do this full time if I want. Just started to get orders month ago and doing freelancer on other sites. This month alone I have made more than my salary. Maybe it will not be always like this or become even better yet :yawning_face: Who knows

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Wow! amazing informations you have here! I will plan to make it to artstation and deviantart. ıts hard to find proper guidance, i have allways checked deviantart but people there were so damn good compared to me, so i didint bother to be honest.

But that was years ago. Maybe i can do some stuff now that i improved myself. That was enlightening. I have got to know how to get some exposure in deviantart and artstation.



The problem is that i cant see how it becomes my full time job as right now. I got some good money out of fiverr, but i dont have the courage nor the money to leave my dayjob and start doing freelance full time. Sometimes my views just go to the bottom of the hell and i cant stress that enough even when i got my dayjob.
I am however planning to make it full time at the end of 2022. This construction project will end. They will fire me with a hefty compensation. And i can try full time art with the time and money i got. Right now i almost work all the time, at home or at job.

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No problem ozan_erdi. Please don’t take my word for it. Not every artists can make good art and make good money on DeviantArt. But as for Artstation in fact, it just a website to show your art portfolio, but of course, you might get lucky if the AAA game company would hire you for the character design for their next big game in the gaming market depend how good your artwork are catching their eyes.

On DeviantArt to be able to sell print on the site, you will have to pay as a core membership, so you can set your own price on DeviantArt on each site.

When I don’t get any order on Fiverr, I will spend my time creating new art for sale on DeviantArt. Some of your art may get reject depend on the size, etc. I don’t remember how one of my piece got rejected on sale because the large size I used for my artwork (probably too large than they expected) on the platform.

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Well, if im not good enough to sell or perform in a platform. I need to get better. That is no question a drive an artist should have.

Rest is technical

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Well, there is a lot of free concept art and illustration tutorials on YouTube you can learns to sharp your skill from there. Just type ctrl+paint on Youtube search bar, then you’ll see his channel pop up. He do free tutorials of all type of concept art on his channel. I think one day you will get better at what you’re doing and make a living as a successful artist.

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interesting :wink:
for drawings I have the following:
I use a Huion kamvas pro 13 (I replaced my old Wacom Bamboo Touch & Pen) :wink:
software: Krita and some strange softwares
style: omg a lot! :smiley:

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