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Fiverr as a job, Fiverr as a BUSINESS

This is a topic for sellers who are getting 4-5 orders per day and making $850-$1000+ a month. I think they will best understand the mentioned points.

So you think you in Fiverr and because you are getting sales everyday and making good money, you have a business? Well, if you do all the work than this is not the case. Let me give you an example.

So yesterday I had 2 orders for whiteboard videos and 3-4 articles. I could spend around 7 hours, do everything on my own and earn $100+, but I’d rather pay someone else do this for me.

See when people start business, they don’t start it, because they must do all the work and work 10+ hours a day. They start a business, so they could have more free time and more money.

So I want to ask all the experienced sellers here, how do you outsource your work? I mean a good business structure is one that the business is self-sufficient and does not require you to do all the work by yourself(in this case we are talking not a business, but a job). I personally have posted in the buyer request and have other sellers do my gigs and than for less and then just keep the profit margin. But Fiverr has so many fees and I’m looking for new ways. I have talked to some of the sellers here, some have workers who they pay wages. So what is your take on this?

Many Thanks, Kalin

I don’t trust anybody to do my work, so even if i start a big business i will do all the work by myself because i like it :smiley:

If you do all the work is not a business it a job. Plus you will always be restrained by the time and you will be able to do so much work for the day, unless you create a system

Kalin, thank you for your thoughts. There are many models that qualify as a business. The main differences between a business and a job are:

  1. Time: a business owner controls their time and calendar, working when they want, playing when they want.
    An employee with a job works when the boss says to work
  2. A business owner is responsible for the quality of work delivered to the customer, whether they are a sole proprietor or subcontractor. An employee is responsible for the task or work they deliver to the company they work for
  3. A business owner earns a profit on the work they deliver, the difference between cost and price paid.
    An employee usually earns a set amount of money, either hourly or salary, paid by the company.
    What you are referring to is residual income: earning money based on other people’s efforts. While this is preferred, a sole proprietor such as a plumber, electrician or carpenter makes money based on their individual effort. What makes Fiverr truly unique is we can partner with other sellers to offer a multi-dimensional Gig. Best wishes for continued success!

Hey, thanks for you calcification. I agree that there are several business models. But I still think that the key to the real money and time-freedom lies within leveraging other people’s time and effort rather than a plumber who has a regular working day and even if he decides when and how to work he still goes home half-dead.

The only thig that has worked for me on Fiverr and has gotten me beyond the 1000/month income is the fanatical customer support. I reply inmediately and I deliver the gig normaly in less than two hours and always the same day. I believe this is impossible to achieve if I outsource the work, because most of the sellers see this as a part-time work that you can do on weekends, or whenever you are bored at home.
As far as I’ve seen, if you interact constantly with Fiverr and you deliver instantly your gigs, the platform awards you with more traffic and more orders. I’ve been focusing on this filosofy of work for the past six months and my income has rocketeed since then, allowing me to open my own online voiceover business that complements my income with Fiverr’s and other freelance platforms. Right now I am earning quite a large salary at home, freelancing is my way of live, and perspectives are good for the future. Sometimes I do use other sellers work, whenever I can’t do it myself -i.e. the explainer video must be in English, or in a female’s voice- but that’s it.
I guess the moral of this is trust no one but yourself and give all you can to please your client FAST.

Looking for a success in fiverr.

Outsourcing your job is the worst thing you can do, you could lose a lot of money if your buyers demand a refund.

Article-writing is a time-consuming gig, and I can’t believe you’re offering 4 revisions. If you don’t have time to do it, don’t do it.

Making $5 should take you no more than 15 minutes. Working 1-hour should make you $20 or more.

For example, yesterday one client order two radios, one e-mail, and 24/hour delivery so the order was worth $45 (my 24/hour delivery fee is $20 on that gig) and I did the job in 30 minutes.

hmm right


Thanks for the article :slight_smile:

If you are doing all the work yourself for the gigs you post on Fiverr, it’s a job. You are self-employed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Actually, it can be great for some extra money putting your skills to work and you can gain valuable experience you might not otherwise get at your job.

To make a profitable business out of your gig, then you face some of the challenges that traditional businesses face, like hiring employees to handle volumes of work and to have someone seven days a week able to handle gigs.

I feel some gigs lend themselves more to being a full business than others. For example, I purchased a graphic design gig on fiverr and it was done by interns at a design firm in Southeast Asia. I felt glad to give people entering the field some work experience, and I got a great product.

Either way, it has to represent a value for you for the time and effort invested. Whether a job or business, if you can make it work, then more power to you!

It is rare to find a good business partner! I agree. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Most difficult is to have the first order. Any tips on this?

I Agree with you, i’d rather do my job by myself than outsourcing because i just enjoy doing what i know how to do best. :smiley:

@fastcopywriter I absolutely agree with you. I outsourced once because buyer wants it urgent and he did not mind me outsourcing a section of it. I ended up wasting one hour to find a right seller another one checking and asking for modifications. I would have done it myself in three hours.
SO outsourcing my own services is not going to help but I use virtual assistants to help me. I work on weekends. So I hire them and have them manage citations, document formatting, data extraction, tabulation, sometimes a little web research. It only costs me 20 dollars for their 10-12 hour services and save at least five hours for me. This is the best freelancing model for me.

For me fiverr is my work, job and business and i like doing what i’m good at, this gives me experience and i don’t wanna sit home all day and just talk to other sellers to do my work, i like working for myself and that’s how i see it…work for yourself…

just be patient and use good meta tags for your gig

Outsourcing is a very dangerous decision and needs a lot of thinking and experience before it’s taken. I’ve learned that the hard way. Your assistant may harm your business and damage your hard earned seller badges. He / she may start to deliver very late and in a low quality styles putting you in very silly situations with your buyers who trust you and love your work. What makes things even worse is that assistants tend to act like that in the middle of an ongoing project which will leave you and the buyer in a dilemma, trying to finish the project in whatever way available because there’s not enough time to find another team member, which might cause the buyer to be very angry and dissatisfied with the end result as he felt he has been fooled.