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Fiverr as a seller and getting bad reviews unfairly



I do Wordpress websites and have two gigs about this on Fiverr. I just got a bad review from a buyer that ordered a gig without contacting me -even when my gig asks for this at the top of the page.

This person failed to explained me what she wanted. I asked several times and she never responded to me. The order was late, and she cancelled the order, leaving a bad review stating that I failed to deliver the order.

Besides this affected my overall rating, I wanted to rate this buyer to prevent other sellers, but the “Rate this buyer” function seems not to be working.

What can we do when something like this happens? I just read that we need to cancel the order before the buyer cancel it.

Now, it seems I cannot do anything for explain what happened for those who see my profile. It put us, as sellers, in a vulnerable position.

What can we do about this if I cannot rate this buyer? Is this a bug? Also, as sellers, we should be able to see when a buyer has a bad reputation, to avoid problems like this ones.

Thanks for any advice and I hope this also serves to other sellers to avoid problems like this.

Have a good day, everyone!



yeah whole way cancellations work don’t make sence to me as I had a recent person working on my gig and went past the time , but no way to extend it. In this case of course I waited , but the point is even though communication was done and the work came through great the poor person gets a ding . Its not fair at all.


@paulalustemberg please contact with support and let them know this condition they will surely remove the negative review. also show them what the condition about late delivery.


So sorry that happened to you. Buyers need to be prudent when reading the directions; this is not your fault, although kjblynx is correct - we learn the hard way because buyers do not read the order procedures - thoroughly. If you have to clarify with the buyer, perform a “mutual cancellation” so you do not get thrown under the bus for no reason. Keep you chin up! We work hard!


I just find out by the seller in question that she didn’t give a negative review, but was an automatic feedback from Fiverr. Is this correct? Does Fiverr rate is automatically?


If you contact the support team, and explain the situation, they’ll assess this and have the power to remove negative feedback at their discretion if they deem it unfair feedback.