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Fiverr as my main job?


I have been around for few months now enjoying every day of it.

I am happy to say I am constantly getting more orders and more gig extras too!

Where is the ceiling? whats the average of earnings on fiverr?

Could I quit my ‘real job’


I think you can call Fiverr as your real job, if you are making big money here. I just started working for 3-6 hours daily here and i am already making more than an average job here in my country. And the best part? i am lovin it :smiley:


I was a work at home data entry clerk that worked for $31.25 an hour… yup, that’s about a thousand a week. I hated it so much… I make maybe 30% of that on Fiverr… but I love what I do on Fiverr so much that I quit anyway.

In life, we forget to value our work not by the amount of money we make, but by the amount of happiness it gives us. Sometimes, we won’t be able to buy that new shirt in order to save for gas money or save for our children, but you will be so happy working in a job that you’re not miserable in that you’ll forget all about it. :slight_smile: If you work for the money, stress will follow, but for love and passion in what you do, riches will follow in unlimited ways.

Sorry it sounds a little preachy… but I like to encourage people to follow their hert, not their money. :slight_smile:


If I lost my job right now I could “live” on what I’m making on Fiverr doing voiceovers… but I’d rather keep the job and the extra work. I love that people are doing so well here! This has been the most amazing blessing.


Reply to @mrspanda: check your inbox! lol


Working as a graphic designer so not going to quit ever :slight_smile:


I avoid putting all my eggs in one basket but I freelance as my “real” job and Fiverr is just part of that income. However, I love what I do - my “real” job and Fiverr - so I’m not complaining. Fiverr covers a couple of hours a day of my work and the rest is spent on my private clients.

The problem I find is that Fiverr can go quiet now and then (just like any other place in the freelancing world) which is why I like to have as much happening as possible. I used to have two writing places that were making a full time income for me but after a couple of months they closed. I’m always finding new baskets just in case another one goes.


For me it’s just one of those cases of always wanting a bit more money, so doing it as extra is more suitable.

But it really depends on how much you think you can live off, AND if your gigs actually stay active.

Would he slightly awkward if you quit and then a few weeks order you go through some dry spells!


Reply to @mrspanda: I fully agree with you mrspanda! I rate my job in being happy, not in the money. I rather earn a little less and be happy than earn a lot and not be happy. Next to reading I work with kids in my daily life as well. I wouldn’t give up that job for the world. It makes me truely happy!


@mantratrain My suggestion is that you keep your main job outside of Fiverr unless you get so many orders that you have no time at all to keep up with them. Be careful because I was averaging 30 to 40 orders a day back in January, and right now I average 5 orders a day. That is still great for me as soon as I get orders on a daliy basis. :slight_smile:

The question is… Is that good to you?

So, it would be frustrating to quit your main job and a few months later find out that you are running out of orders.

I took a look at your gigs and seems like you have no orders in queue right now. So I suggest you stick to both (your main job and Fiverr) for now. At least until you get a stable flow of orders and/or reach Top Rated Seller status.

Best Of Luck.


I would hesitate to quit your real job. While fiverr can indeed be a good source of income, you have to keep in mind that things could always change. Sometimes you won’t get enough orders to support yourself or have a large medical expense perhaps.

Try asking yourself if you see yourself being able to live off fiverr far along down the future. 1 year, 5 years? Will fiverr even still be here? Will people still be ordering from you? Who knows!

I prefer to have a more solid sense of security of having my real job and have fiverr to make some extra spending money in addition to my regular job.

Good luck!


Fiverr is my main source of income. the only other revenue i get is social security for epilepsy and migraines. This is extra for when i need it most. believe me every bit helps. That’s why i love when people hire me for large writing and design projects.


I would rather have a job that doesn’t pay well that I love

Than a job that pay’s really well that I hate.