Fiverr as your full time job?


Heya everyone.

Just curious, any do this full time? Do you make enough to support yourself?

I work from home full time but my other job demands about 4-5 hours from me which could be spent delivering about 8 gigs. My other job pays very well but it’s so mind numbing (I label naughty movies. -_-) and repetitive. Since I have a baby coming in the next month, I was seriously considering just doing Fiverr full time. Do any of you do this? How much do you make weekly, if you don’t mind me asking, so I get an idea of how much I should be making before I make this decision.

I don’t need to pay rent or anything. My husband and I live in government housing so all we would need money for is the baby, groceries, cell phone bill, and gas. Oh, and we don’t pay taxes here in Japan! The dollar menu is really a dollar!


Idk, you never know what could happen when you might need both and the other job is steady and pays well, personally I’d keep it because I like that sense of security. Fiverr is a fickle market too, so you might not always make as much as you want/need and you can’t count on orders always coming in. I wish I had a regular job. ;_; I just do Fiverr for a little extra money because I’m a college student trying to find a job. I haven’t made very much since starting Fiverr, but it’s better that nothing! :smiley: Currently it’s the only income I am making.

I’m kind of curious how you got into the business of labeling those movies! xD

Unless that’s private for you. Just seems kinda interesting to me, heck I’d do it even if it were mind numbing!

Good luck whatever you choose and congrats on your baby coming! :slight_smile:


The amount of orders I get doesn’t support full time hours. I have a full time job, Monday-Friday and work on Fiverr for a couple of hours each day. Last year, I made enough to help support my workout/personal training habit and shopping habit, so it was really nice. I don’t know if I’d ever quit my job to do Fiverr full time as you just never know how long something like this will keep going and remain popular.