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Fiverr ask me why I changed my prices

I have changed some prices a few days ago and I have just received a little survey from Fiverr (see picture).
They want to know why I decided to change my price.
They don’t ask only by curiosity, I think they want to adapt their service or strategy. I would really like to see the results and what they will do with these statistics. Any idea ?

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Did you raise or lower your prices?

Why did you change them? All we can do is guess why they are asking. That second one where it says “somebody advised me to, can you tell us who?” is a little strange.


I raised my prices on some gigs and lowered prices on other gigs.


I agree with you, this one seems strange.

Are they asking us to tell on our friends?

Perhaps they are looking for good price analysts for their business :thinking:


I haven’t experienced this one myself but I actually really like how Fiverr does this kind of selective market research.

I’ve had a few surveys pop up after delivering a gig which are specific to that gigs service offering, price band, and even seller-buyer communication methods.

Personally, I feel like it’s a really good idea for Fiverr to ask these kind of questions and I’m far from Fiverr’s No.1 advocate in other matters, Just roll with it and be as honest and concise in your responses as you can be. This is basically Fiverr saying ‘hey, you sell well, we want know why and help you do that even more.’

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I got this too. It was a popup I got after delivering a gig I’d raised the price by $25 a few weeks ago. I’d already started closing the window before I realized what it was and got to see the options.

It seemed like a weird (but completely non-malicious) thing to ask - but maybe they’re seeing more and more veteran sellers raising their prices above the “might as well be free” range in certain categories and they’re trying to figure out where people are getting the idea to do this.