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Fiverr Asked Client to Mark a Gig Complete Prematurely

I currently have a gig order for 13 pages of legal content to be completed over a 3-week time-frame, to be submitted as-written over the course of that time. After 2 pages were submitted, Fiverr proceeded to send my client a message telling him he had 24 hours to mark the gig complete. I’ve contacted “support” twice – absolutely no response other than the automated one saying they would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. We are well past that point now. Because I have had numerous previous orders from this client, he trusted that he could mark me complete and that I would be good for it. But what if this happened with a new client? I need to know 1) WHY it happened and 2) what do do about it so it doesn’t happen in the future? Was it something in the way it was set up, ie. only allowing for 2 revisions? I’m perplexed. Anyone else have this problem before? And why is support MIA when we are paying fees for this type of resource?