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Fiverr asked for id verification are they approve none english

Is this ID thing being enforced for every one? I haven’t seen / heard anything about it.

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Rumor is they have a tombola at HQ each week where they randomly pick people they want to verify. Other than that, the details are sketchy.

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Maybe it’s mostly new sellers and sellers who have earned > a certain amount and have gigs in certain categories (such as website creation/modification ones where access details may be required to access the buyer’s website). eg. if you need security related info from the buyer (eg. website access details) maybe that increases the chance you will require earlier id verification from Fiverr.


You might have hit upon something there.

The OP still has an account on fiverr so even though he does not have an ID in English it appears that his ID was accepted.

He said it was the quality of his photo that was the problem. So since he didn’t have any ID in English he was still verified.

If you see the thread date it still haven’t passed 14 days yet. This means that the OP still have time to verify the account. After 14 days we will know if his account got verified or not (I belive it won’t be because of these ridiculous requirements)

If you read this article > they say: “We gradually ask users for their ID to help us confirm you are really you” so this means that every seller after some time will have to verify their ID.

finally the id is verified succesful

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Which ID have you used (passport, national ID)? Was the ID in english? Which phone model have you used? Did you uploaded via fiverr or sent the ID to customer support?

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How did you finally get it verified? Did you get a better picture of your ID?

yes i sent better id picture and my photo clear as selfie , that what they ask not that hard


@clickbanksales Did you take the pictures with the same phone but in better lighting?

Did you get it done on your third try?

Any information you can give on how you did it will help others.

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yes i just takes clear picture of me that was the problem, in third try it was success

the lenguage of card is not important , just need real id and real photo selfie

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Wait, what verification?

Fiverr has started asking random sellers for verification with an ID and a headshot. So far it’s just a few people but we’re expecting it to eventually be everyone. (I’m dreading that day, especially if they don’t have an improved system.)


Thank you for the explanation!

I am Also Using National ID Card But it is Not Accepted.

I Uploaded The High Picture Of ID Card And Also I Captured The Selfi And Then Upload That As Well But Not Worked.

Please Guide Me What I Have To Do

After 3 Tries You Can COntact With CS And Then AGain Give You 24 Hours To verify

bro Please Tell Me What Changes You Made And You Got Verified I become Failed In One try Please Let Me Know Thanks

need to provide your ID or passport pics in high quality very clear your picture on it

then your selfie very clear that shows your face very clear and the system will accept it, if you failed 3 times , just say goodbye to your account forever

bro Can You Please Tell That

How Many MBs Pictures

Did You Captured Selfi At The Given Moment During Verification

Can You Please Send Me Only Your Selfie For Sample Bro I Lost My First Attempts

And If Send You My Picture Then Will You Be Able TO tell Me That It Is Ok or Not