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Fiverr asking for contacting customer support for sending buyer request and gig links not working properly as they used to do in past

Hi All.
I have 2 problems in recent days.

  1. related buyer requests.
  2. related sharing links.

Buyer requests

I tried to send buyer request today but it shows error in red “can,t send buyer request contact customer support”. Before this I have send more than 500+ buyer requests and completed all my orders with 5 star review.

Can any one please tell that whats the problem I want your suggestions before contacting customer support.

Sharing Links

I used to send gig link to my clients which I grab from other platforms.
Previously the links were working fine and show featured image. But Now the links were not showing featured image of gig .

Whats going on here can anyone please guide?

The error on the offer you tried to send to the BR was probably because the Buyer withdrew the request. It happens.

As for the link, not sure. Might be Fiverr working on the backend. How long has it been happening? If only a day or two, you might need to just wait a bit for the update to finish. If it’s been a few weeks, then I would assume the change permanent for now, in which case there is no ‘fix’ and you’ll just have to work with the system as it is.


Thank you very much for your help.