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Fiverr asking for I am not robot


From today morning ,when I am going to open my fiverr account, fiverr ask me the question I am robot or not and every time i have to prove that I am not a robot. Please advise me to solve this problem.

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Anyways read this


I am getting this massage and waiting for 24 hours. Thanks for reply.

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You’re most welcome my friend


I get that when I open some kind of file on fiverr someone has sent me sometimes. I was looking at some weird attachment sent to me a long time ago the other day and it triggered that capcha thing a few times after I tried to open the file, which wouldn’t open.

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I am getting this massage in all of my fiverr files. They are telling me , there are some problem in my network connection. I ask my network agent, but they tell all are ok.


I am facing that problem. also when I go for money withdraw nd click on payment button they send me massage " problem in your network connectivity". Who can i solve this problem?


Are you using a VPN?


Try a different internet connection. I had faced similar situations from where I am from. Some internet service providers uses a method that shares a same id for multiple users. This makes the other servers to think this is some kind of fraudulent network connection.

It is better to have a solid land line connection for internet and a back up plan. If you’re using a mobile connection use one post paid connection and keep two prepaid connections.

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Hi, Shifan. I am using share connection. solid line connection is costly. As a new buy it is problem for me. If i change my ip no. big problem will come from foverr. I dont know if it continue for long time, what kind of problem will come.


No, I am not using VPN. If i use is the problem will solve?


You can try with another mobile connection.