Fiverr associated mail access lost



I’m posting here on behalf of my friend on Fiverr. He is a level 2 seller and account created about 3 years ago. His fiverr account is phone verified also. He uses paypal to withdraw the revenue. Two years ago he realized that he has lost the access his gmail which is currently associate with Fiverr account.

His paypal is now limited and he wants to add a new payment method like bank transfer or Payoneer. But he afraid when he will add or change the payment method if any verification link send to the gmail then he can’t access that.

In this situation, my asking is if he tries to add or change the withdraw method then what should he will do? Please note that he lost access his gmail which is associated with his fiverr.



He have to recover his mail 1st, otherwise, I don’t see any hope. As it’s an account related issue, have to contact Customer Support


Thanks for your reply. I’ll forward it to him.