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Fiverr auto-questions after delivery; anyone else?


This morning, after I made a delivery, I received two Fiverr pop-ups. Both were multiple-choice questions asking me to rate communications. The first was to rate communications with the order itself, the second was to rate communications with the Buyer.

I rated both as difficult, because I find guessing what a Buyer wants to be more the norm than certainty.

I suspect that Fiverr may be considering adding Skype as a mode of communication through their system. That would certainly take the guesswork out of fulfilling orders for me!

Anyone else getting these pop-ups?


Just delivered 3 orders now, didn’t notice anything like that.
Perhaps you are one among the beta testers. :slight_smile:


Or maybe it’s for certain categories only? :slight_smile:


I do hope not - I’d have to start brushing my hair and doing make up and stuff - couldn’t be doing with that!


lol, I can relate to that! However, you can choose not to be visible when you Skype.

Skyping would help people improve their English speaking skills, and I would certainly enjoy picking up some of their languages too!

Fiverr would become more than a marketplace. It would become a cyber-world of cultural understanding using creative types like us!!!


Just put a sticker over your laptop cam to be sure the setting for not being visible doesn’t change on its own accord like some buggy fiverr settings :wink:


Good thinking - I want to get buyers, not frighten them off!

My desktop PCs don’t have cameras, so I’m alright there!

I still can’t think of anything worse I’m afraid, picture or no picture.


Me either, I have another place I go to for a cyber world, I just want to work here, not cyber…
As long as it’s optional it’s fine, but I’m seeing a few problems, see your last reply to my last post in the chat thread… :wink:

(reply is to @offlinehelpers doesn’t show the reply icon when the post replied to is the last post in the thread :/)


If they do that, I hope that using Skype won’t be mandatory.


Indeed - too friendly by far!


I got those feedback popups a few times.


I really liked this Skype Idea. But i don’t think it’s logically and technically possible as of yet right now. Fiverr can’t handle those things. They have to come up with pretty new and advance technique if they will use this feature in future!


Someone had asked the CEO in that twitter question thing a while ago on some system like Skype and his reply was that they are working on it.
It will come, it’s just a question of when and how.


The technology is most definitely here. The dating sites are using it.


Well, fiverr have to track all the skype chats and video conversations between a seller and buyers (from both ends). To make sure that sellers & buyers are not trying to contact outside of fiverr… or doing things which are against of Terms of Service.
I am not cool, if they can read my skype conversation. It doesn’t feel safe.
I know for sure, Fiverr will take serious time if they come up with this feature. They have to partnership with microsoft… etc…


At first I didn’t understand where you were coming from with your comment, but after some thought I do.

Skype could make Fiverr a virtual orchard for perverts seeking to pick conversation with females.

Unless they make it available ONLY to Buyers who’ve placed an order.


Yeah… Exactly. :joy::laughing:


Not even only perverts (but also and that will be the worst part. There is screen recording software too BTW. Pandora’s box.). It will mean a lot of maneuvering and additional time to get the talks from marriage and other proposals back on gig track and just generally I think it might very well often take more time than reduce time versus written communication.
I have customers whose English is such that it’s even difficult to understand when written down, and I suppose some use Google Translate or colleagues to understand what I type, too. Can’t see that working well with Skype.
Depends on gigs and people involved.
Even if ‘only’ available to buyers with active orders.


I am not a fan of the Skype idea. All I want is the brief. I don’t want a chit-chat about “needs”. I want a written document telling me what I need to do (I use a questionnaire) that I can refer to when I am working. Besides, these “consultation” sessions can always turn into 45-minutre free brainpicking sessions without any gig coming through in the end.

Only yesterday, a nice young British person transformed from a gushing “I love your profile” to a “YOU ARE EVERYTHING THAT MAKES FIVERR SHIT” kinda buyer because I suggested that if they wanted to discuss a basic ($10) rewriting gig to ensure that I yadda yadda blah, I’d have to charge a consultation fee. When pressed as to why, I told him it was because for $10, it wasn’t worth my while.

Apparently that makes me an extortionate unprofessional who misleads with hidden fees. That said, maybe they will behave a bit better when they can be seen and heard. I somehow doubt it though–those Little Power Lords of their Empire who own their slaves for $5 probably won’t think anything of it. Did I mention this charmer also wanted to put me on his–no doubt huge–blog to EXPOSE me as a FRAUD?

Perhaps having a recording of this epic rant to then share to the world via YouTube and some careful SEO would have been fun. I am on the fence. I also agree that the pervs may just do what they do best with surprise pervery.


Just hire some slaves for 5 dollars to do the SEO work and Youtube postings for you! And then insult them when they want to have a consultation fee…XD