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Fiverr automatic detection system FAIL

It might end up in nothing bad for me. But I wanted to let it out.
A possible buyer sent me a message saying he’s interested in my voice for a project.
And he sends me his whatsapp number!!

I told him we couldn’t contact outside Fiverr and then added my current rates. And now Fiverr blocked my message saying “Your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team due to a possible Terms of Service violation.”

They really need to improve their automatic detection system. They are checking on me when I was actually promoting the TOS, and the message that was actually trying to break the rules did get to me. :angry:


End of the story: The team checked my message and found nothing wrong with it :stuck_out_tongue:
I imagine they wouldn’t, but it’s reaaaaally uncomfortable. And I don’t know if this counts as a warning or not.


It shouldn’t count as a warning as no warning was issued.

The words “outside of Fiverr” appears to be the ultimate flag for detection. Something more along the lines of all communication must remain within the Fiverr messaging system seems not to trigger the automated flag message.

You’ll be good.

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