Fiverr Available Now problem


I’m not able to activate this option because I have more than 30 orders from buyers who didn’t filled instructions and from what I see those gigs are considered like active orders. I can’t cancel these because my cancellation rate will increase dramatically.
You should only consider as active orders the one from the Priority list.
…any thoughts?


You should instead be prompting your buyers to get their gig requirements in. You have more than 5 orders in your queue, let people who have no orders coming in get some attention.


I have years of orders that never started. So that means I cannot participate in Available Now?


Some of them are 2 years old…and the buyer was seen last time 1 year ago. How you suggest to make my buyers to get their gig requirements in? :slight_smile:


They are gone from fiverr and there is no way to make them come back.

I do not believe that would affect being able to have Available Now since most sellers have these unstarted orders.


You can’t force buyers to submit information - maybe they ordered, then had a change of heart - As a seller, that shouldn’t be my responsibility. My responsibility should be the orders that I have all the information needed to start and complete. “Active orders” should be orders in which the buyer has submitted the required information, so that a seller can start the order -

I’ve nudged some of these buyer’s since 2012 lol… only so much you can do.

It does have an affect on this new feature - I have this same problem. I am trying to get a clear answer from CS as to what, if any – ramifications are involved with THEM cancelling these orders for me.


The ramifications are that if CS cancels a lot of unstarted orders, their tidy work will leave your orders completed rate looking as shot through as a piece of Swiss cheese.

It’s really not worth the risk if you have a lot which have been mounting up since 2012.


This is what they told me

“Please note that no difference on how an order is canceled it will always be counted in your completion rate. The stats are for your internal use only, and no one else sees these percentages. They’re to help you track your account progress on orders.”

“Please note that if we cancel your inactive orders now, it will affect your order completion rate for the next 60 days.”

So, I’m still not sure how this affects my account or gigs outside of this.


Trust me, canceled orders are much worse for gigs than late deliveries or even low customer ratings. I had a backlog of orders which were never started canceled around this time last year and it was like gig armageddon. The only thing is, I didn’t care as I had some friends visiting from overseas and quite liked having some time off.

Maybe let us know how many orders like this you have? From experience, every canceled order seems to knock at least a point or two off order completed ratings. In the event, in this case, that you have 7-10 you will probably be OK. when you get past 20, though, you should probably just forget it.


Thanks cyaxrex,

I’ve got about 40.

So what you’re saying is it knocked you out of search, or put you further back in the listings? But a 60 day - affect might be worth it, if this feature is beneficial - as far as accumulating orders.


Personally, I’m waiting until this feature is out of Beta. Slow and steady wins the race remember.


Good advise! I’m with you on that one! Too glitchy!


I’ve had about 30 of these, I asked CS to cancel them, and it was… how did you say it?

However, I was forced to cancel many of those as they were dated from 2011 & 2012, so my gig & pricing had completely changed in all those years, and I didn’t want those buyers to suddenly come back in 2017 or later and demand a $5 service for something I’d charge $50 nowadays :grimacing:

P.S. it took me a year to recover from the Gig Armageddon that I had unleashed upon myself :neutral_face:


Yeah, thinking about it now, the orders I got cancelled all related to gigs which used to sell well but haven’t sold anything since and that was a year ago!


I also have few order, and those buyers are not in online last 1 year. These are marked as nudge buyer


This is what CS told me when I asked them about cancelling the incomplete orders.
"Unfortunately, the incomplete orders in your account are not allowing you to enable the feature. We can try canceling them but as you say, this will affect your order completion ratio. We’re unable to guarantee that the feature will be available after you cancel them.

Let me know how you’d like to proceed. "
I think it is best to wait and see if they make any chamges to the feature requirements.
Cancelling those incomplete orders should be avoided.


I usually hype how outstanding CS is but in this one area they dropped the ball. Believe me, any cancellation hurts your ranking. It never fails when I have a cancellation, it takes a while to recover, even from mutual cancellations. If you have too many, you may never recover.

I have tons of incomplete orders. I tried several times to nudge the buyers when the orders were relatively new, but magically the buyers all disappeared. Some of the incompletes are $50 orders. Not sure how anyone can afford to ignore $50 but they do.

I’d love to use the new Available Now feature but if I have to cancel incompletes to do so, it isn’t worth it. I shouldn’t be held accountable for buyer’s incompetence but in this case, sellers are.


This is a flaw in that feature. It is not to fiverr’s advantage to have sellers cancelling all those old incomplete orders but this will encourage that. Fiverr has to refund the money on all of those when they get cancelled.

This is aside from the unfairness of it to sellers.

Fiverr should eliminate the requirement for only five orders active to use this. Or they should stop calling incomplete orders over 30 days old active.


But doing that will increase the cancellation percentage, which is part of the Available Now requirements, hence why why CS said they can’t guarantee that feature being available after cancelling incomplete orders, because most likely it won’t be available after doing many cancellations.


I don’t think it’s going to effect sales in any way but it will provide an opportunity for new sellers. It’s just another filter like Fiverr Pro that if someone wants to hire who is ready for instant work or they can hire someone with more sales. Sellers must keep in mind that the delivery time remains same no matter if you are Available Now or not.