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Fiverr Awarded Me To Be Member ! Wow!


Hello Dear Fiverr Users,
I just got the MEMBER status in Forum. Your appreciation will speed me up!!


what did youe mean i cant understand


Hello, it is actually you who earned this status, and not Fiverr issuing it strictly to you so to speak.
This first badge is to prevent spamming, and badges overall are given on a basis of how one interacts with/in the forum area.
The more you post here and take part of the forum features, from giving likes and receiving likes to simply posting replies or making threads, the more badges you will get.

At the start this all might be thrilling and was designed to motivate especially new users no doubt, I’m guessing once one has a lot of badges this rush somewhat subsides.

Regardless I can say congrats on getting this badge.


That is so great. Congrats! Hard work pays off :slight_smile:



This badge is granted when you reach trust level 2. Thanks for participating over a period of weeks to truly join our community. You can now send invitations from your user page or individual topics, create group personal messages, and have a few more likes per day.


@Render; i agree with you on starting period of thrilling level. However, it amuses me to have a Fiverr related platform, whether all are associated with only Fiverr. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

@Michaell and @Wuerz; Thank you very much, and thanks to the Fiverr!!

@Phantom; Incredible, in a word!! Thanks for sharing the great knowledge!!!