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Fiverr - Back Rub Mode, Fiverr under maintenance


The server maintenance is taking too long. I’m late on my delivery. What I’m I going to do and is anyone else experiencing such a problem?


Ya this is a big problem here ! fiverr keep maintained the server without prior notification. it should not be happen all the times.

this is good to maintain the server but should be informed as well.:pensive:


It´s up for me, you tried to refresh page, clear cache etc.?


Ya it’s up Now But I was talking about “server maintained without prior notification”


Took far too long. If a buyer is just waiting to see an email to say that their work is done then they get very frustrated.


Changed my browser from Mozilla to windows edge. The problem is solved. Seems the problem is only present when you are using Mozilla firefox. Try switching to a new web browser and see if the problem will be solved.