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Fiverr bad lucks so far

Its been a month to start Fiverr but not even a single order yet :(.
Lets see hope for the best. :slight_smile:


Wait and see time will come @zahidbuneri


I have had my Fiverr account for about 2 months and I have got nothing but scammers asking me to make an account in my name and let them use my credentials for Upwork. They said they would do all the work and would pay me $150/month for the first year and then up to $2000/month after that. I have had about 10 scammers so far. I have reported them all and will keep reporting them until they stop. I can’t stand people who try to trick people and steal their hard earned money. just want everyone to beware of these people :blush: @zahidbuneri @qbo_xero_pro


Thank you dear for motivation plus advise. :slight_smile:

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Thanks bro for the advise

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Please make so much marketing that helps you to improve gig

But how bro. where to make market. my gig gives impression and gets clicks and views but no order

Waiting is one way to go…

Here’s another…

  1. Do your research and make sure your SEO is on point.
  2. Send as many PERSONALIZED buyer requests as you can each day
  • The caps is not me shouting just wanted to emphasis the point.
  1. Promote yourself on social media, you may have some social media buddys who would like your service and can help give you a lil boost.
  2. Have a cuppa tea because you’ve been working hard to smash 1-3
  3. Get that first sale, spit the tea everywhere in excitement and get started on the first project.

Don’t be discouraged.
If you do not have a video in your gig, add one now.
Use optimized keywords in your gig description and title if you haven’t already.
Add some pictures and PDFs. Everything matters.
Aim to your first review to be a 5 star rating.
It took me some time to get my first gig up and running, but once I got that first review, it’s been looking up.