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Fiverr balance decreasing each day?!

Hi everyone,

I noticed something strange happening with my Fiverr balance over the last week or so. As a new seller, I’ve only sold a handful of gigs but I’m delighted to have some extra money coming in.

My bank balance after completing my first gig was about 8 euro, about 2 weeks ago. I figured I’d wait to withdraw until I got a good amount, but when I looked at my balance a few days ago, it had dropped to 7.67. Today it’s at 7.57.

Why is this happening?
Does Fiverr take little bits from your account balance each day until you withdraw it?
Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Did you check which currency you have it displayed in?

Currency rate daily updown. :grinning:

@mariashtelle1 It’s displayed in euro at the top right of my earnings page, but in dollars in the details. It’s says I have 8 dollars to withdraw, but it couldn’t just be a currency issue?

you actually have x amount of US$ and it changes in accordance to conversion rates i think. mine usually goes up, along with all of the prices because the GB£ is worth dick anymore <.<

Why can’t it?

You sold it for 8$ Net and sometimes fiverr will switch to a different currency which sounds about right at 7+ eur

Then it probably is the currency exchange rate causing the difference. Thanks everyone for your help =)