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Fiverr balance disappeared!

I had $15 in my balance. However, even though on checkout it said it would cost me $15 for a $30 purchase, it charged me the full amount and depleted my Fiverr balance to $0.00! Help!
Thanks zebraglasses

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I’m a but confused here: you had 15$ and you bought something for 15$, right? So it makes 15 minus 15 = 0$

@mariashtelle1 It charged me $30, when it showed me the total was $30-$15=$15. Now it is telling me that my Fiverr balance is $0. Help!

I suggest you contact CS, that’s the only thing that can help you. Though your statement is rather confusing, so I suggest you fix it?

What is customer service’ contact information?
Try exploring this page a little.

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@aarontgladiator Thanks.

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How it could charge you 30$ if you only had 15$ in your account?

Don’t Worry For this You can contact Fiverr Support
Place Visit

How much did you think it would cost? $15?

And you had $15 in your account and now it’s $0?

It sounds like it cost $15. I’m not understanding what the problem is. It sounds like you purchased something for $15.