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Fiverr balance gone Negative

I’ve delivered the order on time. Received 5 star ratings from buyers.
After many many days how can buyer cancel the order and i get negative balance?
It’s like I order something, I like it then after using it I ask my money back.

Please solve this issue.

Order:- FO24D4D3E342

Please ask that buyer why he had canceled the order so you’ll get your answer

This is most likely a paypal charge back, contact customer care they will give you more details.


How to ask the buyer?
He already Ran away by closing his account but my balance is still negative :frowning:

This can happen, and is obviously really annoying!

As suggested, a PayPal chargeback - Fiverr support usually cancel the accounts of anyone who does this straight away.

Maybe contact CS and see if they can help you?

Good luck with it!

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Yes I’ve contacted them already. They were saying they are waiting to hear from the person who did that. But it’s already 3 days now since i contacted support. But still same :frowning:

Ah - patience then - I do hope you can get it sorted, because it’s a really mean thing to have done to you. :-1:

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Thanks for your replies. Yeah and it’s more sad when I work so hard and and sleep and wake up in the morning to see my balance negative :disappointed:


Same issue with me and fiverr customer support also not helping me. I have lost 400 USD.

She cancel order after 2 month of its successful completion with good rating and reviews.

Thats definitely a paypal chargeback issue, Unfortunately CS cant do much, Just do not let that discourage and please continue delivering great service. It has happened to me a couple of times.

Shouldn’t fiverr give the money from their own pocket in case of charge backs? Why does no one take responsibility for this?