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Fiverr Balance Issue

Account Balance issue see the buyer is create an post of WordPress website so they hire me i complete the job with in a day and buyer release the payment also give me an Reviews After 3 week its automatically Dispute Shocking thing My balance is on Minus Why? can any one help me to sort out the problem I’m trying to Reach Customer Support but Still they were not responding me I have paid to much amount


Sadly it sounds like a PayPal chargeback. :frowning_face:

I do hope CS can help you - be patient while you wait for them to reply.

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A month ago now Still CS is not responding

Seriously? You’ve already been patient - my apologies.

If you’re ticket’s still open, why not send them another message to see what’s happening.

This is happening too often and it’s wrong. :frowning_face:

I really hope you can get it sorted.

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I can able to see my ticket When i Click on My activities the page is going to be redirect on help center

I have seen on top link its shows me an error message can on this id be seen due to suspended account account but my account is live

Has your customer support account been suspended?

You could try emailing them

ok let me try to email me

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