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Fiverr balance showing problem

When I am going to my earning page I saw all things okay but when i am checking the analytics page it showing “C” text beside my balance… I am not understanding actually what happened…

Could you have set your currency to Canadian dollars?

Check down at the bottom right hand side of any page on Fiverr - there’s a currency dropdown.

Yes…Got it. Thanks sir… Thank you very much…


I show respect by that . And if it seems that the buyer is female then i call Mam. This is my habit… nothing else … And I am happy with this habit… And thanks for your suggestion bro.

Do you know if merciavideo is a Sir or Madam? There is no indication whatsoever of the person’s gender. In that case, why would you call them Sir? It doesn’t make sense. :roll_eyes:

If you don’t know the gender, it is best to leave out gender specific terms altogether.


I understand bro… Thnx… I think If I do not know his gender and call them sir then they can be angry… Thanks again… I am agree with you

By the way, bro isn’t any better. I doubt that hanshuber is your brother. Many people don’t want to be called by affectionate names when we are just colleagues at most. You don’t really know gender for sure in almost any case since many sellers work on teams or with a spouse. Perhaps you are saying “bro” to the sister or wife. Just keep it professional and gender-free. (I do realize you are trying to be respectful and friendly, but it’s good to know that in a global community it’s better not to make assumptions.)


thank you very much…