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Hello All,

I am a buyer and I refer my friend for fiverr, person registered made the successful purchase, where can i see my referral amount under my login.

Thanks & Regards,

Let me see if I understand you correctly.

You referred a friend.

That friend joined Fiverr and then made a purchase from you?

There’s your problem right there.

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Exactly, friend purchased package and now I want to view my referral bonus, hence looking where I will be able to see it under my account.

I think you didn’t understand me.

Maybe you should contact Fiverr CS and they may explain it better to you as to why your referral of a friend, who ordered from you after joining Fiverr isn’t showing.


You may very well get a warning on your account and tossed from the referral program for manipulating it. Do a search in the forums, you will see a ton of posts about people who got warnings for using the referral program incorrectly.