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Fiverr balance?

Hello, I am new to fiver and had a order cancelled, So the money was put to my account and now I see $5 next to my name… but now what? how do I move it to my PayPal or order something else with it? I am a bit lost.

@dragon_12dk Unfortunately you cannot move it. As per the TOS refunds are made as credit.

Stupid answers

I have a refund in my fiverr account which I wish to use against another order with a different seller. How do I make sure the credit is applied to the new order?

Even if this wasn’t a silly thing to write, they aren’t stupid. They are correct answers and worded politely and there isn’t anything stupid about that. There is only one stupid answer in this thread so far.

All he was asking was how to USE the credit (the very same question that brought me here). Multiple people answered a question he DIDN’T ask.