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Fiverr balance

How do I transfer my balance back to my credit card instead of my divert account?

I have the same question.

You can’t. You will have to use your Fiverr balance here.

Hi But I am unable to… I have $4 dollars balance in my fiverr account, I am buying gigs for 5 dollars each time, but fiverr is asking me to pay full $5 dollars instead of taking the $4 dollar from my existing account and asking me to pay 1 dollar. Why is that?

The gig that you are purchasing has to be the exact amount of the balance that you have on fiverr it can not be less or more. I was having the same problem. I tried to buy a gig that was more than my $10 balance and they didn’t deduct the $10 they asked for the full payment. I also tried to purchase a gig that was less and the same thing occurred but when I did a purchase that came to exactly $10 it went through without me being directed to pay. I hope this response helps.