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A few days ago, I have accidently bought a gig since I have the DamnQuickPay, not trying to complain, and it immediately took money out of my Paypal. When I explained it to the seller, she gave me my money back and now my money isn’t in my Paypal, it’s in my “Fiverr Balance”. As poor as it sounds, I really need that $5 to go back into my Paypal! Please tell me how I can make that possible and I will be extremely happy. :slight_smile:

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Aggrrr - issues with attaching the screenshot showing my $3 balance. Its real folks… Trying again

I attach a screenshot to show my $3 balance. I have bought subsequent gigs but the funds are taken straight from paypal. Not sure how I ended up with a $3 balance, but there we are… sitting there in perpetuity. I’d like to get it out

Reply to @bachas85: Dang… Well, thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

How do you use your balance to put towards another gig?

I have a $3 credit from a cancellation that has been sitting in my balance for a while. II have purchased other gigs, but it is not using up the $3 - how do I use it up? Please help!


are you saying that if, for example, i only have $3 fiverr credit, i purchase something for 5 bucks, it will go to paypal first? if that it is the case, i will never be able to use the $3 fiverr credit, UNLESS i get my credit up to or past the $5 mark. why doesn’t fiverr have it so one can request to use fiverr credits first?

doesn’t seem right.

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I now have credit in my Fiver account but when I go to purchase from another seller I am being charged full amount without getting credit for the 5 dollars in my account. So I have a 10 dollar fee to pay and fiver is trying to get 10 dollars from my paypal account instead of 5 dollars as I already have 5 dollars credit. How can this be fixed?

How do I receive my credit? I want to forgive any further orders and would therefore like to get my money back. Pleas send me a response. Thank you!

Trying for the last time… need to show doubters that $3 balances exist and I would like mine back

Ok - so the attach button is really messed up… Anyway, I would like to get rid of this $3 balance that has been sitting on the account for months now. Responses about how to deal with it all assume that there cant be a $3 balance and you can build it up to pay for gigs. Dont know how to add $2 to existing balance. Would appreciate real help please. I have spent too much time on this now. Thank you.

Reply to @kjblynx: Dont know. $3 it is!!

I actually have an extra 3 bucks in my account too. I would like to find out how to add

2 to it so I can buy another gig. I see no reason for fiverr to keep my money because they have no way for me to add to my balance so I can use it. There is a 40 dollar gig and I would liek to purchase it however I see no need to pay 40 bucks when there is 38 in my account. I would like to add some money so I can use it.

did I mention I want to use it? LOL

Here’s another question,

Now there is a .50c processing fee, it won’t let me use my $5 balance towards a purchase…

anyone have any clues about this? Is the $5 going to sit there forever?

I now have .50 cents in my balance just sitting there even if I order another gig it do not go towards it. Just sitting there making fiverr rich. Help :-h

I’m in a similar situation. I purchased a gig for $45 and had to cancel it. I’ve ordered other gigs but now I have a balance of $2.75 that can’t be used. I guess I’ll contact customer service.

I’ve got a 4$ credit in the same situation…and it looks like you admins won’t address how to use that amount with an overflow to paypal funds to order a gig.

This is a terrible policy. Is the intent to make it so specific and cumbersome that people just forget about it?

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I have 5$ balance, and I ordered a new gig, it didn’t use the 5$ in my balance but charged me for the whole new gig. So how do I redeem it?