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This is not true. I have $27.00 in my balance and when I placed an order for $25.00 it still billed me on my credit card. Whats up with this.


I agree this is awful. I have a cancelation refund… so i have $10 in my account. and if i order a $10 service the fee is really $11 bc of your fee so i will never be able to use it? not good


I have the same problem. It seems as if I could never use my refund completely. In my opinion this need to bechanged from Fiverr.


I am having the same problem. I ordered a gig, that was never delivered. I cancelled got refunded. Place four orders and never had the option to use the $5 credit because of the .50 processing fee. Can someone please answer this “specific” question without being “vague” and saying “look at the thread.” THE ANSWER IS NOT THERE.




I have same problem here @relah5er, My have balance 100 Dollar due cancelation, then i buy custom service gig with amount 97 Dollar, and now my remaining balnace 3 dollar.
Please to admin read my clear question:
is there any ways to add my 3 dollar to become 5 dollar so that i can use it to buy a gig?
Example: I will add 2 dollar to my balance fiverr.


Sounds like Fiverr are being a bit of a joke and making themselves look rather unprofessional on this issue. I have $5 in my account seemingly as a reward. I have bought several Gigs since then at $5 and some at more, yet they insist on charging my card rather than taking the $5 balance. Perhaps because of the $.50 fee. They have also given me a deadline to use the $5.
I thought they were very generous giving me a reward, but a reward that is impossible to use is seriously annoying. I would’ve been absolutely content not to have a reward, but this has just got me annoyed. It seems other people are having similar issues.
Come on Fiverr, pull your finger out. Perhaps you should purchase a Gig to get someone to help you with it :-/


Fiverr is being very unprofessional and hugely annoying.

I had a $5 balance for ages and ordering $5 gigs did not use up the credit balance. I now sadly have a $75 credit balance due to yet another rubbish vendor.

Are you suggesting ordering a $75 gig is the only way to use this balance?


No, there is no way to do that. Unless you become a seller and use the balance you earn to add on your remaining 3 dollars to purchase a gig.


i made a $15.00 purchase and was a total charge of $15.75, it didn’t use my $5 credit. if i purchase a new $5 gig, it will really cost $5.50. how do i use my $5 credit?


I completed order of $5, But received $3.2 only ? Why ? :confused: