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Fiverr Bangladesh Meetup 2019

In Bangladesh Fiverr has a great community of both buyers and sellers. We have a Facebook group named Fiverr Bangladesh through which we remain connected and try to help the newbies as much as possible. On 1st March 2019 we arranged a meetup program of the local Fiverr community. This program was completely sponsored by Rezistro – the first ICANN accredited domain registrar of the country.

On the program, more than 650 Fiverr members were presented. Industry seniors shared their experiences and guided how the newbies can do well in Fiverr. There were 12 speakers in the program including Fiverr Top Rated sellers, Level 2 sellers, motivational speakers, digital marketers, web developers, graphic designers etc. All the speakers tried to add value through their speech so that the new comers can get some ideas of how they can become successful in Fiverr within the shortest possible time. In my speech, I tried to provide guideline on gig marketing, which was absolutely a hot piece of cake to the Fiverr Sellers.

All the members attended the program enjoyed a lot. There was arrangement of snacks for everyone. There were nicely designed T-shirts for all the attendees. Crests were provided as a token of appreciation to the speakers.

All the major newspapers of the country featured the program on their newspapers. Overall, the program was very successful. Hope, we will arrange such programs every year from now.

Here are some photos from the event :


missed it @faisalmaximus

I also joined in this meetup. Wish more meetups like this in future.

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We had a great time with biggest community of Fiverr Bangladesh…

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Next time i will never miss the program.

Amazing meetup.i joined here.Learn new tips and tricks from here.

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@wp_kid, Were you there? :thinking:

Missed it…

wow.I am really want to join next meetup .

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Missed it :sob: :sob: :sob:

I’ll never miss this meetup next time

Thanks for attending.

Amazing to see!

missed it my bad luck :frowning:

wow.I am really want to join next meetup …:yum::yum::yum:

I am waiting for new meetup program in 2020 :innocent: