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Fiverr Bank transfer diasble

If I do not add a local bank account to my payoneer account, then what can I do to transfer the money fiverr to payoneer

You need to connect your payoneer with your Fiverr account. Not a problem if your bank is not connected with your payoneer. You can cash your money wirh mastercard.


If you have payoneer mastercard then you don’t need for local bank account in your payoneer account. You can easily withdraw your fund via atm booth using your mastercard. But local bank account add means its trusted for you and payoneer.

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Why my fiverr Bank Account Disable ?

You have active fiverr revenue card. Use fiverr revenue card for transaction and add your bank details in payoneer. Payoneer provide just one account.

How to active fiverr revenue card

go to earning section and click on fiverr revenue card and fill out the payoneer sign up