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Fiverr bank withdrawl

Hi, i am a newbie and i want your help.

After withdrawing money from fiverr to local bank account what are the differences between using pyoneer card and local debit card.? Which one should i use?

  1. And if i dont have a local bank account can i use pyoneer card directly to withdraw funds? What would be withdrawl charges then? And how that would be different from withdrawing from local bank account using pyoneer card?

  2. Or should i directly recieve payment from fiverr to local bank account ?

Thanks alot!

Response would be appreciated


I don’t have a very good answer which is better between Payoneer and local debit card as I use Paypal to withdraw funds.

You can read a bit more about Pricing and fees regarding different withdrawal options from the link above.
Just scroll to “Withdrawal Methods” Hope this helps you in some way … :smiley:



You should do direct local bank withdraw from payoneer it’s good way and fast


And then to withdraw money from atm should i use local bank debit card or payoneer card ?

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If you transfer from Payoneer to your bank, you’ll need to use your bank debit card to withdraw your funds.


Paypal is great. I have a business account linked with their business debit card. Fund transfers happen immediately and I have instant access to my earnings. Beware of the fees associated with the Payoneer debit card. They will eat you alive.

Direct Deposit is also great.