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Fiverr banned and then restored my account


Hey Guys,
Hope you all are having a great day. I want to share my experience with you.
2018 was the worst year of my whole life. I am 21 years old.

We are now 4 family members instead of 6. The person you watch every day, when disappears suddenly forever is very tough and hard to feel and understand.

Currently, my livelihood is from my website and Fiverr. But if I calculate then 90% is Fiverr and 10% is a website.

On November 11, 2018, I received an email from Fiverr.

My life was all over at that moment. I seriously was not able to think anything. Then I gave this thing some hours. The message was that I was having more than one account which is of course not true from my point of view but was true from Fiverr side.

So this was the situation,
I have Macbook Pro… which I and my family was using to use Fiverr. I was logged in from Google Chrome and another member from Safari. So that is the only thing that triggers this account banned situation.

POINT TO BE NOTED: In 2017, I first contacted Fiverr and got the permission that my family members can log in into the accounts on the same MacBook.

To be sure I screenshot that conversation and then I contacted Fiverr CS about my account banned issue.
At first they of course just sent a pre-written message that I violate this and that. This was on the same date (November 11)

Then we continue to talk and I showed her the proof that we are a family who uses the same MacBook for our accounts with the permission I got last year.

Then they gave me these circumstances.

I checked in my mind if I abide and follow all of these 3 circumstances… and I DID. That was the turnaround for my account. I messaged them and I said yes, I follow all of those 3 circumstances and then no reply from Fiverr for whole 1 day. I was worried and waiting for their reply. I one time message them again about any updates but still got no reply but on November 14, this happened:

and this also:

I didn’t believe at first, I read the messages again and again. then I opened the link of my Fiverr Profile and holly molly I can see my profile. I got so relieved. I logged in and I was so happy.

But one thing was that my all orders got canceled and because of that I lose all of the 2 levels and now I am a new seller. That is not the issue for me. I will fix that thing within 2-3 months.

In the end, I can say that Fiverr is a good platform if you do the business within their rules and regulations, terms and policies. Respect everyone, whether it’s a customer, potential customer, another seller of Customer Support.

I really wish and hope that 2019 will be the very good year for our family, I have a serious goal to achieve and I want to thank all of the community members and Fiverr to stand with me in any possible way.

Lots of hugs and Merry Christmas in advance and Happy Holidays.

– Manpreet

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Oh , No , That’s amazing :flushed:


Sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing this great story with the detailed explanation!


I am speechless (as @miiila said :wink:) that you got your account back. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you too.


I am that you got your account back. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you too.

:blush: Thanks very much… and btw you forgot to put “happy” in your sentence. :yum::wink:


Perhaps Vickie was so happy that she was “(speechless) that you got your account back.” :wink: Glad to read it too. I’m sure you’ll fix the level issue, hope it won’t take you long. :four_leaf_clover:


I am sure she was. :star_struck::hugs:
@discobot Can you dance with me? :sunglasses:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Seriously? :roll_eyes:


Best wishes for your new journey. That was really a great update for all of us.


Best wishes to you. I love your optimism.


Thanks man.
You know one thing I had in mind is that a very big person named “Voiceoverpete” recently got banned on fiverr and seriously in comparison to him, I am nothing. He had big contacts, also direct contacts in Fiverr, still he was not able to get his account back. At that time, i lost hope by thinking, he is a very big person (seller) here and if he cannot get his account back then how can i get back my account? But thank god, I had a good luck and I got my account back on November 14 as a birthday gift to me. My birthday comes on November 18.

As I said earlier, this below quote matters.

From now on, I will not do any stupid things. This account is the only way of paying my study fees.
God bless everyone.


Confidence is the answer to everything. I trust myself. It is better to adapt yourself according to the situation instead of doing the opposite and working hard. Working smart is a key point according to me. So I know, whatever situation I will get, I will face it. Failure is a part of success.
There is a very thin line in between over-confidence and making yourself stupid and confidence. Time is the answer to every question. Experience is a part of a successful journey. :innocent:


Thanks for sharing with us. It will be help everybody if anyone account got suspended.


Probably! I really wish no one would be in need of this. Everyone accounts will remain active and working, except the fake accounts.


Don’t worry about your past. Now you got your account back. work hard one day you’ll be top rated sellers
Wish you the very best in everything as you deserve nothing less!


Thanks brother. You too :hugs::hugs:


That was a marvelous! story…
thanx for sharing :blush:
… Fiverr seems to be just and fair … hats off …
Congratulations on having your account back…
Wish you Godspeed on your level elevation …
Good luck :+1: To all you family of fiverrer’s :wink:


You are an lucky guy. :smiley:
You are 1% of 100% which account is restored after suspension.


Thanks :grin: . God bless you. :innocent:
Merry Christmas