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Fiverr banned me and didnot give my 736$ revenue - [UPDATE] Got my money

Hello friends,

I think fiverr is a smart thief company. I created this new account to warn you guys. Yeah my main fiverr account username : thelenny. It was disabled in APRIL 1, 2014 without any notice. I contacted the fiverr support. They send this message.

Your account has been permanently disabled for violations to our Terms of Service.

Your services offered on Fiverr has been reported to violate Facebook’s terms of service. Sellers advertising their Gig on Fiverr must comply with the terms of service of the platform or relevant website used to offer services for.

Please contact us again after a safety period of 45-90 days to learn how to withdraw any available revenue from this account.

Please contact us no sooner than May 16th to inquire about your revenues and how to withdraw them.

I have around 736$ pending clearance in my account. I have opened a new ticket to claim my money. Initially they activated my account. But after 10 minutes they disable it and didnot reply to my ticket. I send them around 14 messages. But didnot get single reply.I have opened a new ticket regarding this issue. But they closed the new ticket opened by me… What can i do now

Dear sir/madam, My account was permanently dis…


thelenny Yesterday at 17:21

Dear sir/madam,

My account was permanently disabled for violations to Fiverr Terms of Service.At the time, I have around 600$ revenues in pending clearance.I was created a support ticket on APRIL 1, 2014 regarding this issue. But you people told me to wait for 45 days safety period to withdraw the money. Thats why i am creating this new ticket to withdraw my money.

My previous ticket number is 590153. Kindly reply me asap to withdraw my 600$




Sheana Yesterday at 20:05

Hello Lenny,

To release the funds from this account you must first verify ownership of the account, please forward the following.

Note: You can either authenticate with information from your Paypal account or your Fiverr Revenue Card, all of the requested materials must be produced from either selection.

Account authentication through Paypal:

a scanned copy of your passport or another government-issued ID - the name must be the same as it appears on your PayPal account that was used for the Fiverr transaction. Attach the scanned copy when you reply to this message.

a Fiverr-related PayPal transaction ID that corresponds to the FIRST PayPal account used on the Fiverr account in question

Please provide us with the FIRST PayPal email address that was used on this Fiverr account.

Account Authentication through your Fiverr Revenue Card:

a scanned copy of your passport or another government-issued ID - the name must be the same as it appears on your Payoneer account that was used for the Fiverr account. Attach the scanned copy when you reply to this message.

your Payee ID associated to your Fiverr Revenue Card

We ask for your understanding in going through this process as we take the security of the account seriously.




thelenny Yesterday at 20:25

  1. Hereby I attached the scanned copy of the Government Issue Id
  2. Unique Transaction ID :
  3. First paypal id :

    16- (100 KB)


    thelenny Yesterday at 20:27

    I am also attaching snap of my first transaction in paypal


    thelenny Yesterday at 21:16

    When will i get my money madam


    Sheana Yesterday at 21:22

    You may now log in and withdraw your revenues within the next 24 hours. Please reply to this Email once you do.




    thelenny Yesterday at 21:43

    Madam can you please update my paypal email id madam?


    thelenny Yesterday at 21:49

    Are you there?


    thelenny Yesterday at 21:51

    Madam, I forgot my email id password. Can you please update my paypal id ?


    Sheana Yesterday at 21:55

    To change your Paypal email address, please log in to your account, go to the top right corner of the home page, Your Profile > Settings > Account settings and look for the “Your profile is associated with a PayPal account. To change it click here”. You’ll receive an email with further instructions on how to change your current Paypal email address.




    thelenny Yesterday at 21:57

    But currently madam, I can’t able to login to my email id I forgot my password of my email id. Can you please update it manually.


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:04

    Can you please update the paypal email id to


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:05

    Are you there madam?


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:13

    Are you available to speak madam?


    Sheana Yesterday at 22:15

    Unfortunately, you will have to change your email on your end. If you forgot your password, you can request a new one.




    thelenny Yesterday at 22:22

    madam , I can able to login to my fiverr account. But can’t able to update the paypal email id. Because My email id was deleted due to inactivity in google. Then how can i able to login to change my paypal id madam?. Please update the paypal email id madam.


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:24

    Are you there madam?


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:27

    I can’t able to login to my account madam why?


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:30

    Are you there madam?


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:32

    Madam why are you not replying madam?. Please reply madam


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:35

    Madam Please reply me. My account was blocked again why?


    thelenny Yesterday at 22:59

    Why are you not replying. I was very curious about my 736$ revenue.


    thelenny Yesterday at 23:10

    Madam why are you not replying. please reply me madam


    thelenny Today at 00:05

    Please help me madam. Why are you not replying? Please madam reply me. Also you closed my recent support ticket. Please reply me madam. Why are you again closed my account?. I need answers now. my hardearned money 734$. Please reply me madam now.Please help me madam. Please


    thelenny Today at 09:48

    Hey You need to reply me now. I need answers for my question. Reply me now. Its not about 5$. Its about 736$. I need it now.


    thelenny Today at 09:49

    Hey i know you see my updates in the ticket. But you didnot reply to my message. Reply now

    This is the conversation between me and support agent. WHAT CAN I DO NOW FRIENDS. ITS AROUND 736$. HOW CAN I LEAVE IT. I AM A POOR GUY. ITS MY MONEY. PLEASE RETURN IT FIVERR. PLEASE

OK, so you broke the terms of service and got your account banned. And created more than one ticket to see about getting your money. Then when they told you it was okay to withdraw funds within the next 24 hours, you forgot your paypal ID, and your email password, and bombarded CS with messages, and had your paypal email ID deleted for inactivity, and bombarded CS with more messages…until you started shouting and demanding a reply. And somehow this is all Fiverr’s fault?

Look, she told you, YOU have to set the Paypal email account in your Fiverr account. And if that’s one of the accounts you can’t log in to because you forgot the password, you’ll have to request a new one. Or is it the email account associated with the Fiverr account? YOU have to request new passwords. Nobody else can do it. YOU have to change the Paypal email account. CS can’t. Or maybe they won’t, I don’t know. But YOU have to do it.

With a 0% rating, your new account seems on the way to getting banned, too, so here’s a friendly tip: don’t keep any revenue in this account for very long.

And here’s another suggestion: go buy a small notebook and write down your account information and passwords, because obviously you have a problem.

Reply to @celticmoon: Sir but i remind my password now. But they are not responding my message and also deactivated my account now. What can i do now? Around 736$ are in my fiverr account

Reply to @ylynka: maybe you didn’t understand that here on forum we are all regular users like you, so we cannot help you in any way.

What we see is that you broke ToS and now complain because, due to your several mistakes, you cannot withdraw your money: maybe you’ve learned the lesson and next time you’re not going to do the same mistakes again…

ylynka said: Hey You need to reply me now. I need answers for my question. Reply me now. Its not about 5$. Its about 736$. I need it now.
Should I tell you that CS guys/gals have to answer a lot of tickets, not just yours? You've been very rude with Sheana, I'm not surprised you didn't get an answer...
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And to add to what @mark74 said: Sheana is a real person. She is not sitting at her work station 24/7 waiting for just you to respond to her. Maybe it’s her day off. Maybe she just got tired of your rude emails.

So NOW you remember your password, now that it’s too late? This is all a farce, right? Unbelievable.

Your old account is GONE. It cannot be reactivated. If you WAIT for CS to write to you, and ask them politely to move the funds to your new account, maybe they can do that. But stop sending them all these rude emails and stop acting like an ass. This is all nobody’s fault but yours. You’re acting like a 2-year-old having a temper tantrum.

Oh, and I realize it would’ve required a little effort to find out, but I’m not a “sir”.

celticmoon said: Oh, and I realize it would've required a little effort to find out, but I'm not a "sir"


Fiverr is the best place for Honest people and Serious worker…Next time i hope you much serious at any work place, i wish you very happy good luck,

I’m sorry, but I’m quite surprised that you had actually forgotten all of that information.
True, I have forgotten some passwords here and there in my life, but usually I wrote them down somewhere just in case I did forget them, and especially for something as important as paypal ( which is something you need for business!), I think you should have been more careful. I understand that you want your money because you did after all earn it ( even thought you did violate the TOS), but I think you can’t blame the Fiverr staff for that.
I do hope you get your money though.

I have the same problem.
but i have a question, i have never attached any paypal or payoneer card , so what will be the procedure for me to withdrw my balance?


Nice twist on the word necromancy.

To the post above this one, attach either Paypal or Payoneer. You are a level 2 seller and have not made a withdrawal yet?

can you please tell me that is it possible move funds one account from other

My friend account was also banned with 250$, she created a new account with the same fiverr revenue card associated. will fiverr banned her account again ? as they will require payee Id no for verificatoin after safety peroid, please let me know. can she change the fiverr revenue card details to her new account ?? please let us know.

You need to ask customer support, or your friend needs to ask them.


Hello How are you

I completely understand. I went through the same thing. Once you reply back to their email. You won’t get a reply back for up to 2 days later each time.I had 2 accounts closed. The smaller one they just let me withdraw with no security questions. But, my other account has a larger balance and I had to provide id’s transactions etc. The added feature now is they want you to provide the security question that I must have created 3 years ago. If they asked me the question I could answer it. But, I have no clue what the question could be. And even though everything else was verified they won’t release my money due to the question. That would make 5 verifications?

UPDATE: I retrieved my money back by taking a guess of my security question. Got lucky.

Sorry this happened to you!
It is puzzling that you had two accounts closed and I am wondering why.

Because I signed up with a second account. Anyone can do it. The problem is in their guidelines it states you can only have 1 account. I did not know this. I don’t ever read guidelines unless I am looking something up. They never knew I had the second account and used the same PayPal account for both. They only found out when I had a dispute with a customer after 3 years. I had a lot of regulars and made an average of $60 month which isn’t a whole lot but steady. Now I had to reopen my account and I rarely get any business. It will be awhile before I can build all the positive comments again.

I’m glad you got your money finally!