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Fiverr banned me for no reason

Pls help. I’m new on fiverr. Its been 4 days and my fiverr account has already deleted. Idk why?
I didnt even get a warning or something like that. It just said “WARNING” your account has disabled permanently because of Tos rules. I dont really understand. I cant contact with anyone. I’ve eraned 52$ on fiverr waiting for clearance. What can i do. I’ve read a few things and everybody says theres no way to get your banned fiverr account back. But why. I dont even know why did they banned me and I was cannot even open a support page so i created this account. Can someone help me what do i do pls? Or is thiis website scam or something?

What services were you selling?


you contact them with their social media pages for your excuse and explain with proof. And listen Fiverr is not scam site.

Maybe you use share ip with many accounts or do something wrong.

photo editing and game coaching

How can i get proof. I cant even open my account. Only thing that i get is you are banned email.

I think the best thing would be to contact them on social media.

like yesterday my brother created an account for himself from a different device. But we were using the same wifi. Is it againts the rules?

Would the “game coaching” require you to share any personal contact information with a buyer (social media, email, etc.)?

Does discord counts?

That can be it. If you can prove you are two different people, it should be fixed. Contact CS and explain the situation. It’s not against the rules to have multiple people with different accounts on the same network. But there are a lot of fake “brothers” around. ID verification is a must.

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Im going for it. I wanna ask even if they dont unban me can i take my money back and create new account?

Listen you can use share ip but you need to provide different service also the payment method need to be different.

Yes you can get your money back after three months, but you can never open an account with the same details as the banned one. (last I checked, this was the rule)


Oh, okay. Ill try my best. Thank you guys all for trying to help. I think its because me and my brother were using the same ip. Ill prove were 2 people and hopefully i can get my account back.

Or you can contact CS directly via or check the email you’ve received where they gave you the reason for the account termination. It can be a very vague reason, mind you, but it could give a general sense of where to look and what to fix.

Posting “I’m good, fiverr bad” isn’t very informative.

I’d consider a discord link to be personal information, yes. Because you’re taking the buyer off the platform. But it may be permissible with certain gigs (like S k y p e calls are permissible with certain gigs).

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Thanks. I dont think the thing that i said is means “im good, fiverr bad”. Like i said im new on fiverr and from my side fiverr can be a scam because i dont have any experince with it. Anyways. Thank you for trying to help. Take care of you good. Cya

i think, you first contact with them

I’ll take care of my good, thank you.

And I’d recommend you to contact CS directly via email as opposed to bothering them on social media with no context provided.