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I don’t know what happen with FIVERR. Got a new management that turns crazy for greed?the 1$ FEE that FIVERR charged IN ADDITION TO ITS PORCENTEGE for every GIG is not enough anymore. GREED came into scene and now even for a 5$ GIG they charge 2$ (40%) EVEN IF YOU WANT TO ADD ONE MORE REVISION FOR ANOTHER 5$, FIVERR will TAKE 2$ MORE.!!! With all these charges there is no room even for a tip to the seller that works so hard to complete their work !!! FIVER IS TAKEN ALL.


While I totally get your frustration, it is not like Fiverr is forcing you to use their website :slight_smile: You have the freedom of choice!


I am a long-time successful seller here on Fiverr, and I don’t feel like I am exploited in the least. Just because Fiverr charges a $2 fee for every order up to $40, does not mean that sellers are exploited. In fact, the fee has absolutely nothing to do with the seller to begin with (it is a separate element charged to buyers, not sellers). I get that you are frustrated, but your rant just doesn’t make much sense.

if you want your fee to have a greater value, purchase an order for more than $5. Complaining because Fiverr is trying to encourage buyers to move away from $5 orders, and purchase larger-value packages is a bit silly, don’t you think? Fiverr is not the “everything is $5” site that it used to be. It’s time to get use to that fact.

Fiverr is changing, and they want buyers and sellers to adapt to that change.


The thing is- there are other freelance platforms that are a lot more suitable for high volume on going projects because they lower the commission once the the value of the work passes certain milestone. Honestly, I’m a bit confused too- until not so long ago I was absolutely sure that Fiverr is a place to sell something cheap and small million times and become a millionaire, but it seems they are trying to become a place where people come to sell (and buy) pricey services. I guess they don’t wan’t to be a platform where you get a cheap service and make easy money (at least not without leaving them a big chunk of it). Pushing quality over quantity is always a good thing I hope.

There is no such thing as “easy money”, nor was Fiverr ever a place where making money was easy. Just like any business, you need to work to earn your income. It does not not magically come to anyone just because they are here waiting for it to arrive.

Many sellers here on the forums would be wise to learn this now, to save them frustration later.


This is possibly one of the most insightful comments that I have come across in a while. The fact is you are right and I have mentioned this to staff about the fact that other sites offer tiered commissions based on monthly earnings.

Soon after that, they boosted up the “bring a buyer” thing which would be great if they could get away from the way it works with it being far more complicated than it should be. I believe that Fiverr will fix this up if some high earning and Pro sellers push it every chance they get as a simple system would greatly incentivise bringing people here.

Edit. To the OP, $5 is not enough to buy a coffee for the majority of buyers. Move away from $5 purchases if the fee annoys you.

I started using Airbnb recently and noticed that everyone charges a cleaning fee on top of the monthly rate and the Airbnb fee. As I generally do short stays these additional fees often makes up 40% of the whole cost. If I stay 3, 4 or 7 nights then the fees are much less of the total.


Is Fiverr paying you for clean its image or it is just a free marketing?

I am sorry but I don’t have ANY information of yours. I don’t know what made you assume that.

Also, what I meant by Fiverr not forcing you is that you are free to stop using Fiverr whenever you like.


If you want to complain so much about the measly $2 fee, no one is stopping you from saying sayonara to Fiverr and hopping onto another platform.


I don’t understand why people are constantly comparing Fiverr what it used to be?
Why do people expect Fiverr to stay the same after all these years?

If you do a search in this forum on pricing then most topics end with “value your knowledge & experience, raise your prices, get better clients”. That’s what most of us recommend and agree with.
And a lot of us have raised our prices once we received enough reviews and built up our reputation. That was the plan all along.

So now that Fiverr has become a known international brand they are raising their service fees. They are trying to weed out buyers who are looking for the lowest prices and sellers who provide the lowest quality.
Obviously there is some collateral damage and personally I think they’ve made some mistakes, but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if Fiverr was the place where buyers don’t come looking for the dirt cheap services.


Change is a universal rule and if there are no changes how can a certain platform become better. So I think we should stop complaining and start to adjust overselves with the new rules and regulations.

About the $2 fee for $5 order I was upset too because it not a good thing as buyer might feel it too high. But why we just take it a $5 just think about the thing for $10 or up to $40 as per @jonbaas the charge is same! So we need to increase our work quality and prices then $2 for orders up to $40 is not a big deal for the buyer.


I’m just a successful seller looking past the superficial emotion-driven complaints, and looking at the bigger picture. Many people love to complain just for the sake of complaining. Even fewer people choose to look at what is actually happening from an objective perspective. You appear to be the former. I am the latter.


Exactly! There is no business that doesn’t strive for success and in order to be competitive and stay ahead of your competitors, gradual evolution of your business (in order to improve/take advantage of new opportunities) is an inevitable process.

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You right, Fiverr is changing.

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See its business and everyone wants their revenue increased .
consider yourself dont you want to earn more ? wont you charge higher if you’re providing quality service to your clients.
Fiverr is doing really amazing for freelancers its a great platform so if they are providing good services to us they surely gonna charge what they deserve .

Instead on concentrating whats fiverr is earning concentrate on yourself and your services keep hustling and grinding provide high quality services because complaining wont do anything !

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Isn’t looking for 5$ cheap deals what would one call “GREEDY and SPOILD”?

Like it or not, 99,99% of the sellers love this filter against people looking to buy the world for a fiver. Me included :v:


Exploitation is the wrong word. You’re not a slave, you’re not being forced to work and beaten when you don’t.

Fiverr provides a platform, they allow you to make money, you pay nothing to be here, only your clients pay when they order.

If the fees are hurting orders, that’s terrible, but a private company is free to do almost anything, even things that don’t make sense and aren’t good for the business.

As for sellers getting together and creating a competitor, that’s not realistic. Besides, competitors already exists, some of them are a joke. You create gigs there, and don’t get a single order. Or you can go to Up Yours (fake name on purpose) and bid like crazy and get nothing.

The reality is that Fiverr is the best platform out there, there are no real competitors, no other platform where I can do what I do here without bidding, begging, and fighting for every order.

The fees are bad, but many buyers are paying it because $2 more is not the end of the world. Not for people paying $10, $20, $50, $500, etc.

One good thing about the fees is that Fiverr still makes money even if you have to refund that order. For too long, buyers have been able to place orders and get their money back when they don’t like your work. Well, now they don’t get all their money back, now they have to pay a little bit for making us work. Personally, I think the refund policy should be 80%. You ordered by mistake? You get 80% of your money back, I keep the 20%. Or 50% if the work was delivered.

However, it’s not up to me. Fiverr does what Fiverr does, the sooner you accept that, the happier you’ll be.


This justifies explains a lot of things. The other factor is the dimension of Fiverr itself.


one of my buyers called me a slave :rofl:


Fiverr is good :beers:

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What did you do? I might have reported that comment.