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Fiverr become competition now 😥

Hi guys,
Hope All is well. after a long time I’m posting. It’s become so hard for me to get orders. Everything is okay in my Gigs. Daily I do marketing. Impressions, clicks, social clicks, views all are up to green. I tried my best to reach buyers & made eye catching gigs. Now a days, I am feeling depressed that, nobody is ordering even inbox. even I am giving much time on Fiverr.
Just pray for me that, I can get back to track again :pensive:



Same condition here i am also facing same problem

@smartseoz donno wht to do?

Hi there, I understand your frustration, as you are correct: Fiverr is a highly competitive marketplace.

So you are feeling this way, either because someone said it was easy peasy, or because you are in a tough spot and in desperate need of $.

If it’s the former, then it’s a good idea to switch your mindset and lower your expectations.
If it’s the latter, then it’s a good idea to diversify and look for work anywhere you can set up shop.

You registered not two months ago, that’s not that long. Is this your second profile?

Clearly it’s not working, so whatever it is you are doing you need to switch it up.

They are not eye-catching, I’m sorry but it is a tough marketplace and what others won’t say to your face won’t help. The marketplace itself will spit you out.

You should use your down time to get better at what you do, find more platforms to explore and find what you can do best.

Find what you do best currently, then try to get even better at it. Just one thing, one gig. And diversify.

One final remark on my end: is that really you in the profile picture? Because I have a theory about all the users who use fake pictures of women. The theory being that Fiverr finally caught up and is somehow able to know the difference.


@frank_d yes its me! its my real picture.
I saw, buyers use fake pictures but not sellers.
as a seller, I follow the rules properly and I will try to do as u said… :pensive: somehow fiverr become optional way to earn now.

So it is a mindset problem after all.

It never was a sure fire way to make a living.

Not sure where you got that from, or why you are expecting to make a killing on here.

You sound more and more like someone who used to make great money on here 3-4 years ago and now had to open a new account.

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