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Fiverr Behaving Weirdly For Anyone else?

I can’t seem to respond to reviews and the stats keep showing a 0 or Na every other time I refresh the page. Anyone else dealing with this?

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Yup - now you mention it, my dashboard is a bit strange too …

Looks like something broke again. It’s been that way for at least half an hour on my end.

Fixed itself my end - just refreshed the page and there it was: all better!

Yeah but keeps happening every other time I refresh and I can’t seem to respond to reviews.

Drat - that’s no good. I have no idea about reviews, but have made a delivery a couple of hours ago and it was fine then.

Maybe contact CS?

Maybe I’ll wait another hour before I do that.

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I can’t respond to reviews either.

Left your brain on the front porch there, Jim? :roll_eyes:

Do remember that when people message CS with anything to do with reviews, they are usually sorry afterward.

I’d leave it if I were you. :wink:


It’s been there for a couple of days now.

Fair enough, it looks like I ain’t the only one. Luckily, messages are going through properly. I’ll probably wait until whatevers’s broken to be fixed before I make any deliveries.

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I took a screen shot of the dashboard, attached it to a message to cs pointing out it was weird … they refreshed the profile their end and now it’s fixed.

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Yeah, it fixed itself on my end as well.

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