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Fiverr being fishy

So I posted a gig and after I posted it on twitter, using fiverr’s own twitter posting process, it was immediately removed without any explanation from fiverr. I did provide images of my work along with my professional website that sells my products showing I can do the job for creating art on T-shirts and other products I listed in my gig. Noticed it is being “reviewed” in my dashboard. Perhaps fiverr should send an email to sellers when they do this.

edit… found out this post was censored by fiverr. Filing complaint for fraud with US government against fiverr.

Mod Note: Link removed.

Fiverr being fishy
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I always love seeing people threatening to sue fiverr when the person themself broke the rules.
Your post was edited by moderators because no external links are allowed on the forum and that’s written in the rules (which you probably didn’t read what you signed and still threatening to sue them)

As for the Twitter: I’m not sure what exactly you see “fishy”. This actually has nothing to do with fiverr. Twitter and LinkedIn removing fiverr links nowadays because a lot of sellers were spamming those social media’s with links to their gigs.


I never said I was going to sue them. I did file a report with the ftc however. Have a nice day.

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