Fiverr Beta Service


Hello there!

I’m a level 2 seller with more than 200 reviews of my gigs. I’m trying to activate Fiverr bet version but no use. I’ve zero cancellation rate but not upgrading to beta version. is there anyone who can help me with this issue. I’ll be thankful


never heard of Fiverr beta version. Can you explain a bit what that is?


Do you mean the ‘available now’ beta?

It is on a beta at the moment so not everybody has it yet. Maybe you’ll get it soon - fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Does it need some special requirements?


Ah duh of course. Still learning to read ‘fiver forum’ cryptographic language…


It’s an available now button on top, with dashboard button. you must heard of it.


you mean this one:


Here you go: :slightly_smiling_face:


hmmmm… LOL… but not activated on my fiverr page.


you can use mine if you want to, i never use it because always have to many orders in my queue :confused: :wink:

edit: this was not to brag. it’s just that most of my gigs take several hours to complete so I prefer to be able to plan it in over several days instead of being available NOW.


Because it’s in beta testing, so not everybody has it yet. :wink:


Thanks for your help. you have cleared my confusion.


You’re very welcome - hope you get it soon! I’ve got it/had it but to be honest it was more of a nuisance than it was worth because every message had to be responded to within a very short time frame whether it was from potential new buyer, an existing client, first message, not first message etc. so I switched it off! :slightly_smiling_face:


That is good to know now. I am not yet eligible for the beta. I will test it out only when I am ready to respond quickly. What happens if you do not respond quickly?


They send you a warning and if you get too many warnings you’re blocked out of it for 30 days.


Thanks! Yeah, that definitely sounds like more trouble than it could be worth. :thinking: