Fiverr Birthday Card Contest Results are out!


So finally #MadeOnFiverr Birthday Card Contest results are out and i love all the designs…Congratulations for the top 10,Can others also please share their cards here please…i would love to see the designs…:slight_smile:

Happy B'day Fiverr!

How come you are not sharing your design?


@djgodknows… Ohh yes…this was mine…i think that does not seems like a birthday card but just try to sum up the things when i hear the word fiverr,So Happy birthday fiverr from my side :slight_smile:


It was a nice contest but they should’ve had it opened to all who wished to participate at the get go instead of a select few. Though it was nice of them to mention the contest on the day the entries were due on Facebook. Got an entry in but it was neutral at best (no BDay text, just a plain picture so the card could be used for whichever occasion).


Here’s a blank so the rest of us, the untalented peons who weren’t even worthy enough to enter the contest, can show what we can do:


Love your entry of the invisible man!


This was the best of all…Assume whatever you want to… :stuck_out_tongue:



Didn’t @zeus777 send her entry?


I’m at work right now, I’ll post my image tonight when I get home :slight_smile:


OK, well, here’s the card I submitted.
It’s rare for me to draw dogs since I’m more of a cat person, but I was quite
happy with how it came out.
Too bad I couldn’t get my hands on the priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize



I love that! I’m a cat and dog person - @zeus777 - I’m so impressed when peopled are talented artists, and you really are! Well done!


Really cute! :slight_smile:


Thank you!
Unfortunately I didn’t win anything, but I’ll hang on to it, it might come in handy someday.
Maybe I should set up a gig saying “I’ll sell you this image for $5,” hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

BTW my favorite dog is the one doing the Titanic pose.


Awwe, thank you!
Unlike you I have aaaaabsolutely no writing skills, but I’m glad I have a bit of drawing skills :relieved:


It is so CUTE and ADORABLE…


Congratulations for the top 10! :clap:

Tada! this is my card design :blush:


Smart! It’s five dogs, you outwitted the rules!


simply amazing…lovely…:slight_smile:


too bad you couldn’t make to the top 10, I really like your work :slight_smile: