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Fiverr Black Friday


Hey guys, I have a great idea, can we organise a black friday?


How would “we” do this?


Every day is Black Friday on Fiverr

Yayyy Black Friday on Fiverr

I suggest we contact fiverr, and tell them we would want something like that. And if they approve of it, we would give them the days that it is open.


Who said so? For me everyday is not


The deals are for buyers, not sellers.
Every day on Fiverr people get writing, logos, etc for 50-90% less than elsewhere.


If we announce that we are currently on “Black friday” I bet you we would have more clients.


I hate Black Friday
Last year I bought a Domain & hosting with $0.99, a month ago that hosting send me a $52 bill for renewal my domain & hosting plan. Black Friday is a trap :smiley: Say No To Black Friday.


Me too! Here’s why:

  • a few days before Black Friday, every store increases their prices and then BAM, discounts that show the old prices or even higher prices :roll_eyes: #marketing_trickery

  • out here, Black “Friday” lasts at least a week - I wonder who had the amazing idea :man_facepalming:


You are welcome to contact Customer Support and share this idea. However, I (and I’m sure, many other sellers) don’t want to offer further discounts on my services. My services are already DRASTICALLY discounted from their standard prices outside of Fiverr.

A Black Friday forced-discount day would be a bad idea.


Black Friday discounts do NOT guarantee more sales, orders, or clients – especially on a services-based site like Fiverr. To be honest, I think it would cause a great deal of confusion, and anger many sellers who already have low prices.


What is black friday?


Black Friday is a gimmick! :tomato:

Let’s not talk about Walmart BFs… Watch the mayhem on youtube. :rofl:
I received a bunch of emails from Wally World. Oh, my gawd… I can’t wait! SIKE! :woman_facepalming:t4:


Even though this has been proven to be true, you still get a discount on the products. The percentage discount is just less than companies make it out. So you still get a small reduction on the price of the product.


How do you discount $5?


Instead of one job you do 2 jobs for the clients.


You’re welcome to do what you like of course, but other sellers shouldn’t be forced into doing double the work for the same amount of money.


Am not forcing anyone. It’s just an idea


I don’t want to pile on mishaelwriters, but I will pile on Black Friday.

It is one of the worst days of the year in America. People act like animals to save a few dollars on items they don’t need in any way. Watch -


I love it when you deliver an AK47 worthy killer oneliner or two.

They never fail to brighten even the gloomiest of rainy days.