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Fiverr Block My account without any reason

Hi Fiverr!

I have almost 3 years on Fiverr, I’m Brand identity Devepor and its very hard to establish your account on this field successful. before I upgraded my portfolio. I mail Fiverr CS which portfolio link. I can share with my client and also on my gig description they mail me.

Hi WaqasFalak,

I hope this message finds you well. If you have a portfolio website that you would like to add to your Gig Description, you are welcome to do so. The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

they send me a total of 14 URLs but I can’t be attached here because I’m new user.

Note: If you use a URL, which is not in the above list, it will be removed from your profile. If used in your Gig, it will be denied by our Editors. Repetitive violations may cause an account to be disabled.
Andre | Fiverr Customer Support
Please review our Fiverr Online Safety Tips.
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Next whole week I was working on my Flickr portfolio and I have finished the work complete. The next day I share Flickr link with my client and then Fiverr disable my account. I have 700+ reviews on that account. Fiverr Bot is useless I don’t why they are not fixing the bot. I know that I’m not the first guy who has happened this. we have to mail Micha Kaufman and resolve this issue because I know that the Fiverr team doing nothing. I don’t what we have to do but soon I will make a video on that and tweet to Micha Kaufman.

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Your account is not blocked. It’s not disabled. It’s active.

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If you have created your new account without the permission from Customer Support, you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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Is Flickr on the list of approved URLs?

If Fiverr blocked your account then there must be any reason that you don’t know like you have created new account and admitting to have new account.
Without reason they don’t disable any account, may be when you created the flicker account you have mentioned something that is not allowed? Or you violated any other fiverr terms of services? Some times we do mistake but we don’t know just like you have created new account and mentioning your banned account publicly . If account has disabled for a true reason then no chance to get it back, sorry .
Best of luck for your future.

Yes, Flickr is allowed.

Op please take out that link you have to that site, thanks. I’m not sure why that’s there.

Don’t understand why this happens , flickr is allowed on fiverr

As far as I can see, the mail you quote says it’s okay to use the URLs in your profile or gig description but it doesn’t say anything about sharing it with a client. Perhaps the bot would have left you in peace if you just had put it in your profile/gig description but gets triggered by URL sharing in messages with clients?
Not that it’s very logical to not be allowed to share it with a client if it can be on your profile/gig, just a thought. After all, support does also tell people that if a gig requires sharing of contact info, it needs to be done on the order page and not in messages.

Don’t open new accounts to communicate with support if your account gets suspended. As someone pointed out, you break the terms with that. Mail them directly at


If something is allowed it does not mean you do violation of terms of services through that. I have also got warning when I have used the link of my youtube channel to show my previous works to the client but in some videos I had used the my facebook profile. After all I had to remove my fb profile link from my youtube channel.

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even then i can’t use my Flickr URL on my gig description. Is there anyone using the Flickr portfolio on the gig description?

what should I do now? should I permanently leave Fiver? can you guide me…?

Thank you for your response on my post Miiila!

He didn’t open it just to communicate with support, he’s using it to sell, too.

Do what @miiila told you, contact Customer Support.

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I used that comment, because i follow lot many people who use flicker link …

For account-related issue Customer Support