Fiverr block my id and how i can withdraw my $800


please please inform me how i an withdraw my funds


my id block my fiverr account and how can i withdraw my earning…


You should find the info you need in Fiverr´s Terms of Service, probably under the header “Violations”.


i want to withdraw my Earning


I understood that, you will find that info in the ToS, just click the link I posted and have a look.

It´s in General Terms, under Violations

Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

edit: Ah, okay, when you already are in contact with Customer Service then just follow their instructions.


@miiila i have open that ticket fiverr customer support and acked me to contact me after 90 what i can do.please.Fiverr block my account due to my customer he ask me to send me personal picture


@miiilia can i withdraw my money before 90 days


I don´t think so, it´s in the Terms of Service of this site and Customer Service told you the same, I guess you´ll just have to wait.


@miiila what i need after 90 days to withdraw my money/


Contact Customer Support again after 90 days.


@miiila with same ticket or with new ticket…and what he asked me to do after 3 months to withdraw that money…soryy to hang you
i am very happy for your answer


I would try to re-open the same ticket, if that´s possible, then they can see the whole ‘story’ right away and it will be faster. If not possible, create a new ticket, if that´s not possible either, you can send a normal mail to but a ticket is always preferable (as faster) if possible. Good luck.


@miiila thanks for your kind words


Wait 90 day’s :smile:


You can be optimistic about it but, read the bolded lines. I don’t think your name is Emma Alex, neither are you from the United Kingdom.

In my opinion I think you should forget about the money and move on.


after 90 day what requirments need to withdraw my money??


Whatever Customer Support tells you.


You can withdraw afret 90 days


@ollydave Yea I think You are true :wink:


I think after 90 Days