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Fiverr- Blocked account - making $5000/month

So, under giovannibe, an account since 2014, I have/had +400 5-star RAVING reviews and made, on average around $5000/month. However, today, suddenly Fiverr blocked my account.

The reason?
Based on Fiverr’s limited feedback: I “clicked the delivery button to avoid late delivery.”

The interesting part?
I delivered the order IN FULL, and on time. Moreover, I do not care about the Fiverr raking system, I just cared for a great service (hence 400 5-star reviews (!), 3x 4-star reviews).

The main issue? Fiverr:

a) blocked +2900 USD for the next 90 days, without any feedback, although I worked for the money and delivered the gigs, all with 5-star reviews.

b) closed all +2200 in orders, most of which I already started working on (and thus put my time in)

I’m trying to have someone review the latest delivery. However, of course, the only reply from support thus far is a standard, non-meaningful nor helpful reply.

In other words, regardless of the reviews and the hard work you put into it as a seller, Fiverr simply does not care, nor do they have a policy in place to review their own support team and correct mistakes. If you are ■■■■■■ by a Fiverr support member, even when he/she does not interpret the messages right, or is limited in his/her levels of English, you are ■■■■■■. There is no way to appeal, or get your money (the money you worked for, and they took their %).

I’m fine. Working on other platforms. But as a seller, keep in mind that Fiverr especially with the new changes, doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you, the seller. Regardless of the time , and quality service you put into their platform.

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