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Fiverr blocked my wife account... help us


i need help…

My wife’s FIVERR account blocked today due to some animes & hater buyers report 3 times so fiverr block my account and i have 800$ in that account.

No any option to get my money before 90 days?
After 90 days can i again use that same account?


Fiverr usually waits at least 45 days before returning a seller’s money. This is a safety period, which allows staff to assess the situation. If no problems arise during this time, they pay out.

Will you be able to come back after 45-90 days? Unlikely. If the account has been disabled, you won’t be able to use it again.


Before creating another account, your best bet is to politely ask CS for their permission to do so.


I notice his current account was opened in April of this year.

OP, I hope you didn’t open this account because your last one was disabled. If you did, you risk losing it. If Fiverr matches your IP address or payment method to the old account, then… the axe will come down.