Fiverr blocking text


Now, I’m all for NOT contacting people outside of Fiverr. I support that and think it’s smart. But I get a lot of voiceover gigs that include an email address or phone number in the script. Most of the time they make it through without a problem… but occasionally I get a gig, the countdown has started… and alas… no information. Because my buyer’s comments have been blocked. I will say the majority of the time the script eventually shows up – but I always contact my buyer to let them know what’s going on.

Have you had a similar problem? What’s your work around? I find sending a script as an attachment works.



Lets face it, tis site gets a percentage of your earnings and doesn’t want to lose sellers. If you start making contacts outside of this venue and find that you can keep 100% of your revenues…I know that it is a protective measure, but it is also a self-preservation tactic as well

bachas85 said: That's definitely a problem. Fiverr is trying to protect its users with that policy, but ultimately you need to ask for scripts in the form of attachments, yes.

Another way would be to somehow mask the email address I guess;

someone [at]

That kinda thing.


To conclude here. I did contact customer service. While they didn’t respond (they have in the past, and very politely) – the issue was resolved this morning. The buyer resent the info and it must have got past the bots. Now I’m off to record a commercial about a Diamond Store… oh la la!



Reply to @bachas85: very true…


I think the best solution for you would be to write in your description that buyers must send scripts in a Word Document or other form of attachment. That way, you will receive all information sent and no longer have this issue.