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Fiverr boosting?


Do people fiverr boost? This gig caught my eye and I was just a little curious if any one else saw something like this. So this guy has a gig, he has like 35 purchases( of which I couldn’t imagine someone needing this 35 times) from the same user who also has a gig similar to his( they both involve ms access databases, one is fixing the other is creating) and their usernames are very similar, for example [fragglesrock] is the gig seller and [fragglesrock] is the gig buyer. Would this be a case of boosting or am I just silly?

Sheriff’s note: Please do not name names on the forum. If you have concerns, you are best contacting customer support. On a side note, I’m going to take a look anyway…


I’ve seen this kind of behavior before. Its clear when its fake. Smh.


I didn’t actually put their names, that’s why I said for example. :wink: Although now that I think about it there may be some users with those names too. I’ll contact support though and let em know, thanks sheriff.


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