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Fiverr Bots on Buyer Requests


Well I don’t know are stuff or people who use fiverr awere but I see that a lot of people use bots,that automaticly contact customers on “Buyer Requests”.Couse I see when somone put an “advertise” there and saying like “Hello im designer doing this etc etc.” which is breaking rules,around 20-30 sellers (bots) contact him in a round 5-10 minutes.I guess that human would not contact somone who is obviously advertise himself.


Buyer Requests is still a bit of a ‘Wild West’ where people ask for things that are against Fiverr rules, advertise themselves and it all ends up quite messy. One thing Fiverr don’t want to do is spend money, so they just leave it for people to police it themselves. Obviously nothing happens.

I’ve got to the point where I rarely go on there any more.


I don’t think that they’re bots. They’re probably the same people who spend their offers applying to every job, whether they can do it or not (and then some of them come to the forum to complain that they don’t have any offers left, and that they strongly believe that they should have 50 offers per day or something).


There is a lot private bots for that you need to pay for.Belive me i did researche before posting this