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Fiverr Bridezilla Watch

#1 [link now dead]

So far there are no bridezillas. But I enjoy bridezilla stories, so share ahead. Groomzilla stories too. Or stag/hen night stories.

Basically wedding-related horror stories while we wait for Fiverr’s bridezillas to somehow garner enough votes to be noticed despite needing votes to be noticed and to vote on. Another roaring success, Fiverr!

The last time I attended a wedding I was 4 years old. So I have no stories. Sorry 'bout that.


Does the lucky winner actually have to go through with the wedding?


T&C, 15% of the grand prix of $25k must be spend on Fiverr. The remaining 20k is theirs to spend. Open to residents of NA only.

misscrystal–willy you consent to my hand in marriage? I promise to pretend to listen if you nag, so long as you promise to return the favor. I also have excellent taste in everything.

Runners up have to spend it all on wedding SEO video websites. Losers.


Ok I accept! but we will have to move to NA.


Now, that’s a wedding that I look forward to :slight_smile:


We could make it a double wedding :wink:


You two will make a lovely couple. :slight_smile:


I’m just looking for the cook and cleaner - no pre-nup, 6 months and then I am sure there will be some irreconcilable differences leading to a “fair” divorce settlement.

Yes, I am taking the scam buyer method into marriage!


okay I voted, was I suppose to do that?


Ah, the first Bridezilla! She’s not very Bridezilla-y. So she wants $25k to fly her friends out from wherever.

I wouldn’t vote for a 48 second pitch on that. She seems nice though. But where’s her man? Are you aware of the competition Joey?


Oh I got it now, no I didn’t know about it, makes sense though, what they are doing here is hitting up a certain demographics for Fiverr. They like to hit up stay at homers like new weds maybe because of kids and what not. Millennials marketing.

I’m not getting married ever again. I’m divorced already. I don’t want to go through that again.


What about you? Are you going to enter. :slight_smile: haha. well maybe I will enter, I’ll get the money so I can go on one of those Russian bride trips and then bring the next Mrs. X. from Russia. Mail order… lol


This is my future Russian Bride… so I’ll just edit this video next to her…


HAHAAH I hit the enter button and it doesn’t let me enter…


Wrong continent sadly. If I was in the States/Canada I would totally be hooking up with someone for a fraudulent wedding. And I’d wear a massive green Fiverr dress. I reckon you could just scam your way through this. Make video, buy big Fiverr dress, do a bit of Bridezilla stuff for the hell of it, get married with some witness you paid $5 to attend (in the spirit of things) and a cheap actor playing the vicar.

Pocket the remaining 20k 50:50 between your darling hubby. Pay a Fiverr forgerr to make a lovely certificate.

I do hope I’m not giving anyone ideas here. That would be awful.


There’s a form I think. You can’t just enter, you have to give a bunch of details first as well. Congratulations on your newfound love. I must caution you though, Eastern European women tend to transform and not in a good way after 40.


I’m sure lots of people already have such ideas. It could even inspire people to actually get married who wouldn’t have otherwise. The next day they can file for the divorce.


I got married already and we did not need Fiverr to finance our wedding, hehehe :smiley:

IMO, wedding is BS anyway. What´s important to me is the solid relationships (as lovers, best friends and partners) between me and my husband and I really value that. We didn´t do a big wedding although we could have. Why should we (we = my hubby and I) invite so many people that we barely (some even never) talk to? Why should we give free foods to them when they are already loaded? The money is better to be spent to help the poors (in my ideal world especially to help dogs), or just keep it in the bank for ourselves. I am very stingy at people who have got money. I also personally hate coming to a big fancy party. If I get invited and I Do come, usually it is because I have to. Like last year my brother celebrated his birthday and he invited so many people to his big house. He ordered the catering from a 5 star hotel. I saw those fake smiles on people´s faces, ugghhh made me rolled my eyes. But just because he is my brother it doesn´t mean we have the same point of view.


I’ve been to a few amazing weddings and loved every minute particularly the receptions. I love big happy drunken parties anyway.


1 week since the competition has opened and just one Bridezilla, with 8 votes.

This “competition” is shit. Shut it down and use the $30k+ you had set aside to do some actual improvements to the site. I mean, how would this site cope if one of your ditzy intern’s ideas actually took root? It would crash and burn. So sort that out first.